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This blog is about anything cute

Harry Potter Pixels

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you are, then you might like these. They are the characters in the book Harry Potter. I only added a few of them but you can always visit the site. Not only that the site provides you with created ones, you can create you’re own… if you think you can do better. I live it to you to try. It’s very easy touse. Go ahead and try.

Website: http://elouai.com/harrypotter/characters.php

Create your own: http://elouai.com/chibi/harrypotter/icons.php

Can you guess which character?

Cute girl pixels

  I just can’t help myself but I had to do it anyway. Maybe you’ve noticed it that I like pixels. And here’s another set of cute girl pixels.

Again, they’re created by sayclub.com but I got mine from http://evelyns-place.com/

Hello Kitty Pixels

I know that most of you enjoyed the pixels of Purin and Cinnamoroll, so why not add Hello Kitty. So here you go. I think these are created by sayclub.com but I got it from Peachie’s Collection

Enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them there. Add them to your blogs to make it colorful and attractive.

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