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This blog is about anything cute

Samsung Korean web site

I found another cute site that gives you cute wallpapers, emoticons, blog skins and lots more. The language is Korean but I have capture the download page so you would know what it is. Here’s the site to visit: Samsung Korean site

This is the main download page.

Free MSN emoticons.

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Plant World

Are you familiar with the characters of the Plant World? If not, let me introduce them to you. I saw some products of them in the mall and tried to look for them in the web. With luck, I actually found them. Just click on the image to see the bigger picture. Download the images if you like. Enjoy the cute plants and fruits. Now those are cute plants and fruits. It’s nice to put in your desktop.¬†Why not give it a go? (”,)

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Meet Ang-Zi the cute sheepdog

Here’s another cute thing that I saw in the Internet. Meet Ang-Zi the sheepdog. According to the site, this is his profile:

A puddle sheepdog named Ang-zi who takes care of 100 sheep at Shamony Monblant, Alps. Five years old. There are certain criteria that a good sheepdog must have-he has to be immune from weather, smart, fast catcher in learning and healthy. Even Ang-zi does not satisfy even a single one of these criteria, he dreams of being the best sheepdog. Later, he is touched by a small sheep Chocho who deeply trusts him and finally became a great sheepdog.

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