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I found this cute site, it’s called NaSubichan (茄子醬). Nasubichan is a cute dog. I saw a lot of cute items like avatars, emoticons and illustrations. You can check it for yourself. The site is in Chinese, so it maybe take a while to find the link you want to visit.

The website:

 I can help you out. If you want to check out the MSN items, just look at the right side panel and click this link: 茄子醬MSN系列(3), and just pick one of the 3 MSN categories. 

Some emoticons of Nasubichan:

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Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

One of my favorite children’s author is Beatrix Potter. She wrote a lot of books and illustrated them. She drew different kinds of animals that wore jackets, trousers and dresses that are really cute and adorable. Among the stories she wrote, the story of Peter Rabbit is one of my favorites. Read his adventure and the lessons to learn. Beatrix Potter captures the children’s hearts as well as adults and the young at heart.

Check out her website that shows different books and fun activities.


Harry Potter Pixels

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you are, then you might like these. They are the characters in the book Harry Potter. I only added a few of them but you can always visit the site. Not only that the site provides you with created ones, you can create you’re own… if you think you can do better. I live it to you to try. It’s very easy touse. Go ahead and try.


Create your own:

Can you guess which character?

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