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Q&A: What is the One Food Item You Absolutely Refuse to Eat?

Rukia’s Question for this post is: What is the one food item you absolutely refuse to eat? And I don’t mean then kind that you’re still eat because you were forced to… ^^;;;

I’m not really picky about my food… I enjoy tasting authentic dishes..! I’ve even tasted frogs, crickets, and snakes before… They were really interesting, but like what most people say… They taste like chicken… Nothing out of the ordinary unless you knew it was so and so…

Anyway, the one food item I will never eat is what the Filipinos call balot. A balot is a duck’s eggs that has a premature chick in it. People actually eat that egg, with the chic, when it’s still not fully cooked! Dx Ew!!! 

My dad eats it, and I gag at the sight of it. X_x;;;

If I remember correctly, it was one of the food items that was featured in Fear Factor. DDDx Aaargghh!!! Gross!

So there. o_o;;; What about you guys?

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