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Sanrio Characters Speak Their Mind

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

There seems to be a flood of Character Blogs these days. Seems like a good idea, too! You notice that Hello Kitty seems to be the only one who’s most recognizable among the Sanrio Characters when others have been around for quite a while now. These fan-made blogs give a bit of lime light properly deserving of their characters!

imageRemember our green little friend who use to be as famous as Hello Kitty? Yup! It’s that lovable green frog, Kerokerokeroppi!

He seems pretty upset that not a lot of people know him now-a-days, but he’s still a happy little frog! Visit his blog and get to know his daily adventures and have a glimpse at some really great cooking tips and recipes by his girlfriend, Keroleen!

imageAnd if there’s anyone who needs attention, it’s Mimmy! Hello Kitty’s twin sister seems to be very angry with her sister’s fame while she has to stay in the shadows and sulk. Poor thing! Who would have thought having to deal with your sister’s fame would be so hard?

If you’re Mimmy and even Hello Kitty’s fan, you definitely would want to check this blog out! You’ll get to see a totally different side of Mimmy!

Do you still remember this cute little pig? That’s Zashikibuta! His sweet demeanor rivals that of Hello Kitty! Maybe that’s the reason why some people thought he was a girl at first? Sad…

Ah, but he is not along in this blog! His friend Tabby also blogs once in a while, but has a hard time doing so, since the computer keys are too big for him! Get to know them by visiting Zashikibuta’s Blog!

imageAnd who could forget our lovable Badtz Maru! He’s up to his old mischief again, I’m afraid. Though this blog is still fairly new, he’s already starting fights with the other Sanrio Characters!

You begin to wonder whether or not Badtz Maru would like to have new friends at all. But then again, I didn’t know he has a girlfriend until quite recently! Check out his daily ramblings to get to know more about our favorite Black Penguin!

Last but not least, the “cutest character Sanrio has ever created” graces us with her angsty blog, Kuromi!

Often called the “evil My Melody”, Kuromi is taking center stage and writes why she is even cuter than Hello Kitty, and features her fans’ blogs in her posts! She rewards fans with blog banners of her too!

I hope you all have fun reading the fan-made character blogs! I know I’m amused, what about you guys? ^o^

Q&A: If you could become an animal, what would you be and why?

Monday, September 24th, 2007

ezofukuroYou heard me right guys! Today’s questions deals with your inner animal side! So if you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I’d want to be a snowy owl. Maybe this has some influence with Harry Potter, but that’s really what I’d like to be. Snowy owls are so white, the could camouflage themselves in fresh snow! Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to know how it’s like to fly? I certainly won’t mind trying it. ^_^

All right, that’s it for now! Remember to track back your answers to this post so that we can compare our answers with one another! ^_^

Q&A: What is the One Food Item You Absolutely Refuse to Eat?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Rukia’s Question for this post is: What is the one food item you absolutely refuse to eat? And I don’t mean then kind that you’re still eat because you were forced to… ^^;;;

I’m not really picky about my food… I enjoy tasting authentic dishes..! I’ve even tasted frogs, crickets, and snakes before… They were really interesting, but like what most people say… They taste like chicken… Nothing out of the ordinary unless you knew it was so and so…

Anyway, the one food item I will never eat is what the Filipinos call balot. A balot is a duck’s eggs that has a premature chick in it. People actually eat that egg, with the chic, when it’s still not fully cooked! Dx Ew!!! 

My dad eats it, and I gag at the sight of it. X_x;;;

If I remember correctly, it was one of the food items that was featured in Fear Factor. DDDx Aaargghh!!! Gross!

So there. o_o;;; What about you guys?

Remember to track back your answers to this post by hyper linking a word (or simply putting the link of this post) to your blog so people can see your answers too! ^_^

Q&A: Can Someone’s Personality Change?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

I forgot to mention, the main reason why I’m making these Q&A is for you guys who can’t think of stuff to put in their blog. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with my answer or not, just answer it in any way you like. :)

Can Someone’s Personality Change?

Actually, people have been asking this for a while now… When you have a certain trait in your personality that you don’t like, are you able to change it?

I think yes… But it will take more than wanting to change it, it also takes a lot of will. When you recognize what part of your personality you don’t like because you realize it’s wrong, you can change it. As long as you acknowledge that it’s wrong.

If you’re iffy about whether or not it’s wrong, then you can’t change it so easily. :)

Thoughts? ;)