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A Mother’s Blog

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

mommyness' baby boyEach one of us has a mom… She could be the person we run to when we’re hurt, she could be the best book in the whole world, she could be your best friend and confidant, she could be the strongest woman we know, she could be the most beautiful lady we’ve ever seen… Or more than likely… She’s all of the above.

Mommyness is a blog about motherhood. The author talks about raising her child, her worries and fears, and even shares some of the research she’s uncovered during her studies on how to become the best mom in the world.

All of our moms are the best moms in the world, but take some time to visit Mommyness’ Blog… It may help you understand a little better why your mom loves you so much…


Tuesday, July 10th, 2007


There’s been a controversy going on for so long… A lot of people have been claiming that Hello Kitty was actually a rip off of the original character “Musti” by Ray Goossens.

But really, the issue regarding plagiarism and copyright infringement has been long discussed over and over again by, people I call “controversy lovers” all over the Internet. In my opinion, as an artist, there’s only so much you can do to make your work “original”.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t fight for their right with regards to design and art thievery… I’d much rather say that leave the original artists to fight their battles, and support their decision if they choose not to fight it.

Read more about the facts on Musti, Miffy, and Hello Kitty’s creation in Ying Dong’s blog. Her entry made me think about this rumor again, and I couldn’t believe it’s still a hot topic.