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The Pochacco Song

image Here’s something different for all of you Sanrio Character fans out there. ^_^

I’ve love Drawing Tutorials! Especially something so cute like Pochacco! I have a friend who even calls him “Pocchy Pocchy”! Haha~

According to this article, there’s a song you can sing along to when you draw Pochacco. There’s no tune available so you have to make one of your own. (~*3*)~

Enjoy Drawing! ^_^

The Pochacco Drawing Song

Sing as you draw Pochacco:

First, there was a pond called Doki Doki,
Three frogs jumped in, one a bit lower,
Water sprayed up, splash splash splash!
In the sky overhead, a lark fluttered here or there — doesn’t matter where!
Flying high, so very high.
The charming feature of this creature is his
little round tummy. Make sure it’s no bigger than his head!
Tree-lined Pochacco lane.
Let’s toddle! C’mon, let’s go for a walk!
Check out the little legs.
That’s right, I’m Pochacco!