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New Place to Call Home

Monday, June 25th, 2007


Ahahahaha~~ ROFLs~~ XD;;;;; Now I can’t stop laughing! What incentive of getting out of the house! LOL~~ 

 Virtual Rain… is a strange blog… You feel like it’s about something… then you think… it’s actually about nothing…

Or is it..? o_o;;;;; I’m all confused now…

But like Virtual Rain, I can’t stand the clicking noise either… x_x;;;;;

Play Games on Your Blog!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Wow, this is something totally new to me..! (~*3*)~

This is a fairly new blog, but since it got my attention, I’ll break my 5 posts only for feature rule… ^_^

Ant’s Blog showed that you can actually embed Flash games in your blog… I “borrowed” a game of his here:

Please go to his blog and leave your comments. ^_^ I’m sure he’ll appreciate the compliments..! *^o^*

Congratulations to the Winners!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

We had a hard time picking out the winners in this contest, but we had so much fun viewing all the entries, and we hope you had fun too!

Because of that, we decided to choose 3 other good videos and give them the attention they deserve! Congratulations guys, and good job!


We’ll surely have more contests to come! So make sure you keep checking out the Sanriotown Blog for announcements! Who knows? You just might get a chance to win the next contest!

We hope everyone had fun! Congratulations again to all the winners!

The Pochacco Song

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

image Here’s something different for all of you Sanrio Character fans out there. ^_^

I’ve love Drawing Tutorials! Especially something so cute like Pochacco! I have a friend who even calls him “Pocchy Pocchy”! Haha~

According to this article, there’s a song you can sing along to when you draw Pochacco. There’s no tune available so you have to make one of your own. (~*3*)~

Enjoy Drawing! ^_^

The Pochacco Drawing Song

Sing as you draw Pochacco:

First, there was a pond called Doki Doki,
Three frogs jumped in, one a bit lower,
Water sprayed up, splash splash splash!
In the sky overhead, a lark fluttered here or there — doesn’t matter where!
Flying high, so very high.
The charming feature of this creature is his
little round tummy. Make sure it’s no bigger than his head!
Tree-lined Pochacco lane.
Let’s toddle! C’mon, let’s go for a walk!
Check out the little legs.
That’s right, I’m Pochacco!

Hello Kitty 3D Animation

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

People have been asking for a long time about the Hello Kitty 3D Animation… And really, most of the Administrators in Sanriotown do not have a definite answer as to when the animation will come out..!

Now you have a blog to leave all your questions in. ~(’.'~)

The Adventure of Hello Kitty and Friends 3D Blog will be updated irregularly for now, but people can expect a lot of their questions about 3D animated series to finally be answered! Plus, you’ll get to see exclusive screen shots and story boards, so keep a close watch on this blog’s updates! ^_^

Don’t you think Badtz Maru looks cute in his fur coat? (~*3*)~

Kinda strange though because he’s suppose to be a penguin… Aren’t penguins suppose to love the cold weather? o_o;;;