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It’s Pink

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Mood: *giggle*
Listening to: Do As Infinity - Week!
Drinking: Coke Light

You get a nice feeling about a blog when it makes you smile even for a short while, and forget whatever it was that was bothering you in the first place…

@}~,~~roseate~~`~{@ as I’ve noticed, talks about anything that’s pink… And what else can be more pink that Hello Kitty and My Melody?

(Ok, so most of her entries are actually about Hello Kitty!)

You get everything from the latest gadgets, to the weirdest things Sanrio comes up with. It’s definitely a blog worth watching out updates for… You never know what Rei will write about next! So make sure to bookmark her blog!

Kuchiki Rukia says: Not a lot of girls like to play video games, but Rei seems to give me the impression that she loves her Pink PSP a lot… And it’s not only Hello Kitty and Sanrio she’s interested in, but also Anime like Gundam Seed and Onegai My Melody. I’ll certainly look forward to seeing more from this blogger and hopefully she updates more very soon..!

Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Byot?!

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Music: Vanesa Hudgens - Say Ok
Drink: White Chocolate Dream

Ever had one of those…

  1. Annoying tongue twisters in school where you can’t seems to repeat phrases no matter how hard you try?
    Yet is seems pretty easy for anyone else to do it..
  2. What about those annoying commercial jinggles?
    They’re annoying now, but later on, they become enjoyable.

Here’s a blog that’s full of those little annoying things you can annoy your friends with. After you annoy your friends, you won’t feel so annoyed anymore right?

Kuchiki Rukia says: Ok, so the “annoying” bit may be a bit of an exageration, but hey, I’m still trying to say “Toy Boat” a couple of times really fast and it’s still not working. Hehehe~ I do believe the other admins are doing the same thing…