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Ishida’s FAQ Blog

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

One of the most well known Admins in Sanriotown creates his own blog in an effort to help users with the newest Sanriotown features!

Ishida’s FAQ Blog not only has tutorials in written form, but he creates videos in Dream Studio to show you the steps in live format! Pass by his blog today and ask him questions! Better yet, post your questions in the Forum and he just might write about it in his blog!

Keep those posts coming! :D

Kuchiki Rukia says: I’m quite surprised with Ishida’s blog… At first, I thought creating an FAQ blog would be quite boring to read up about… Turns out, Ishida had something else up his sleeve (yes, Ishida is a guy… :lol: I know a lot of people mistake him for a girl!). I never would have thought of creating videos for tutorials! It’s really helpful too! At least now I know why I don’t have comments in my blog!

The Sanriotown Blog

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Paving the way for the blogging frenzy, Sanrio Town releases its own blog! Featuring the latest updates and features you can find in Sanriotown, this is where every Sanriotown member should be!

Not only that, catch up on your Sanrio Character knowledge as Sanrio Town continues to write up on various Sanrio Characters Trivia!

Be sure to watch out for Videos and Blogs of the week for the best videos created in Dream Studio and get to read up on the best writters in Sanriotown!

Make sure you keep Sanrio Town in your bookmarks! :o

Kuchiki Rukia says: I really like this blog because I like the way they write up on what’s happening in Sanriotown.com, both old and new features combined. They even write on the Sanrio Characters that most people don’t know about! I mean… I didn’t know there was a character named Atchan ga Itchiban, did you?


Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Rukia’s Blog Collection!

As you all know, Sanriotown has gone through a lot of changes, and this is just one of the newest features you get to enjoy!

In my blog, you’ll be able to find people in Sanriotown who’ve made their own blogs and get in touch with them! I’ll be featuring blogs every now and then, so be sure to leave a comment on my blog if you want to add your links to my collection!

Enjoy blogging, minna-san!