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Hello, and welcome to my blog! If you haven't guessed already this blog is about helping those in need of advice!

Doctor Kitty!

Now, I'm not a real doctor, however I've had almost any experience you can imagine. You can ask me anything! From boy/girl trouble, parents not accepting you for how you identify yourself (lesbian, gay, trans, etc.), ready to just give up on life, if you don't like your body, the possibilities are endless!

Keep in mind this blog requires proper grammar, and it is hate free. I will not allow comments making fun of others.

If you have any questions you're not comfortable asking in front of others then don't be afraid to send me a message. My only request if you do this is to let me know if I can answer the question on my blog or not (I'll still keep your username secret.)

And always remember, even though it's a rainy day doesn't mean we can't smile through it!

Rainy days can still be fun!

Start asking away my lovelies!

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