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I am sorry….

Hi. I wanted to let everyone know that I’m probably not going to be online updating my blog and unofficial take on Jero-san’s blog for just a little while. The reason why I will not be online much is due to my wrist. My doctor stated that I have acute tendinitis and fortunately it isn’t in the hand I write with. He thinks it is likely that I just had too many papers due and my wrist just couldn’t keep up.  I’ve got two 4 1/2 hour exams one after another soon so I’m trying to rest it up as much as possible. I am so sorry for this occurance and I hope that people will continue to support Jero-san.  I hope that people will visit his company/promotion team’s (Victor Entertainment) official Jero-san website at and visit his official blog at  There is also a wide variety of  different music videos and information about his life on sites like youtube (where myself and others have created playlists of our favourite videos) to hear his amazing singing talent.  Until next time I wish everyone the best.

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