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Jero-san’s Blog-My Unofficial Take on Jero-san’s Blog

This entry was posted on Jero-san’s official blog on February 18, 2008 (02/18/08).  For people who are not familiar with Japan, there is a nation wide holiday called National Foundation Day (建国記念の日or kenkoku kinen-no-hi) that is celebrated on February 11 every year.  It is much similar to the American July 4 event or Canada Day on July 1.  I expect that between the holiday and the promotion event, Jero-san’s blog does not start again until February 18.  The picture in this blog shows Jero-san with his eyes closed near a body of water.  I think that this picture is for an interview or promotion event as I think I saw this picture on a video clip.  Thank you for reading my latest blog entry.  Please check out Jero-san’s music to enjoy this amazing talent at work. His Japanese language blog can be found at

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