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Jero-san’s Blog-My Unofficial Take on Jero-san’s Blog

This entry was posted on Jero-san’s blog on January 26, 2008 (01/26/08).  Jero-san is wearing a red cap and black jacket.  Here is a picture of Jero-san at an unknown outside location with a smile on his face holding a piece of paper.  I do not know any Japanese so I assume that it is either an add for a concert related event (poster, newspaper article, etc.) or it is a ranking of the performers.  The Japanese frequently have lists of all kinds published in the popular media and the music industry is especially popular for the rankings.  I am sorry that I can’t be more specific, sorry!  Thank you for reading my latest blog entry.  Please check out Jero-san’s music to enjoy this amazing talent at work.

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