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Jero-san’s Blog-My Unofficial Take on Jero-san’s Blog

This entry was posted on January 24, 2008 (01/24/08).  Jero-san is pictured wearing an orange polo shirt, a black and red cap, and a golden chain by a keyboard. Based on the English language words present in the text (R&B, Hip Hop) I expect that Jero-san is either talking about adding a bit of these elements into the Enka songs and/or talking about the talking about his clothing.  For those who do not know, Enka singers tend to wear more traditional Japanese clothing like kimono.  According to his wikipedia entry Jero-san had to convince his publishers to allow him to wear his “regular” clothing which would have been considered a huge risk.  It appears that Jero-san’s choice paid off though, he is enjoyed by both the younger people (for the Hip Hop elements and clothing) and the older people (who grew up with Enka music).  Thank you for reading my latest blog entry.  Please check out Jero-san’s music to enjoy this amazing talent at work.

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