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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

CandaceYesterday my mom ask me if I wanted any cakes from T&T since we were grocery shopping there… I might as well they were only $3.00 anyway, but she bought two so that’s technically $6.00, meh. Cakes T&T
The cake that I ask for was the orange one. I think it taste less sweet then the strawberry. It wasn’t overflowed with the jelly and I love the melon XDD The chocolates good too.

..So I had an in class essay today and boy I think I’m screwed. “To what extent”.. I hate that. Ugh. The first and second source was easy to describe and connect it the the question. But how can we not be biased to a question that basically relies on opinions? What the hell?!! T_T Shessh.
I also had a lab today… I thought we were going to make a battery, I was so excited… But then we only made voltaic cells. Yeah.. That was quite boring.

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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Cute bearr Woot! Two weeks of freedom, I’m so happy xDI needed a break from school, I can’t stand being in that class for another second. Everyone in there are just impudent brats =.=

Anyway, wow. There’s so many great animes and games coming out in 2010. Like;
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Legend of Zelda
Metroid Prime
Gundam 00 movie
The disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi
Pokemon SilverSoul/ GoldHeart
Persona 5
Bioshock 2
Gundam Unicorn
Harvest Moon: Animal March
And more. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait XDD

Today was an ordinary lazy day, I got up around twoish and got on the computer, downloaded some animes to put in my Ipod, you know the normal stuff. Well, I was going to wake up around six or so to study for Chemistry, but for some reason… I couldn’t hear the alarm o.O Hmm.
I can never wake up early now and yesterday I slept at twelve! ..Oh wait, I slept at two xD Haha. Well, maybe today I can sleep early. Today my dinner consist of Udon and Tiramisu… That my mom randomly bought on her way home.

The udon was really good, the texture is soft and tasty and the tofu…taste like tofu. I don’t know what else to say about it..haha.
Just a few more days and it will be Christmas, joy.. I was looking forward in seeing the Christmas lights but the weather is just terrible and it snows non stop T_T Shessh. This Christmas… Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I want a PS3 XD

Blogg-Haricut xD Yay/ School/ weird animes

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Genis and PreseaJudging from my title, it’s obvious that I got a haircut, but we traveled all over China Town just to find one T_T Shessh, my sister is so picky. Why couldn’t we took the bus to Julie’s Mom place in Center Street then wasting our time. Well, the place where I went to wasn’t that bad, the lady that cut my hair was really nice, but I bet she thought I was a kid XDD The guy who washed my hair..hm… Made my head really hurt… I swear it’s like a soccer ball beating down on my head.

We also watched a movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was the signal most weirdest thing I’ve ever saw. The humor was funny but in a stupid way and it did poke fun at itself XD Haha. Though, for the candy store in China town, I think it should stock up more stuff. I want more sweets XDDD And of course after we go to China Town we’ll always get Bubble Tea and I drank Pudding Milk Tea again but this time it’s cold. I kind of like it hot more but maybe that day I was just thirsty.

Asian Sweetts

That’s the sanshoku dango I had a long time ago, I just updated it today just becuase I’m bored. Oh yeah, after the movie my dad came and drove us to eat but my sister complained again because we’re always going to the same place. But the place that we went to wasn’t better… The waiters and waitress are really bad. It took more than half an hour for them to notice us standing and another half an hour to take our order and it wasn’t even that busy. Bunch of morons.

For Physics I guess I’m getting the new Unit now, I just need to remember that normal force is only applied when you’re not in the air. Aside from that.. I REALLY can’t stand my class. I hate them all. They always try to act so smart, but does not know that gravity is always 9.81 m/s. What the hell? That’s basic knowledge you morons. What’s even worse is that the same morons are in my Chemistry class….T_T Great. First semester is going to end soon.. I still need to hand in my project.
We’re not really doing anything yet for Student Council except for Spirit Week but there are people in charge of that already, I don’t really have to do anything right now xD Buwahaha. Same for YVC, not much is going on either.
*sigh* This school year is so stressful, four core classes, work in Tuesday and Wednesday, Leadership/Student Council Tuesday, YVC/Yearbook Thursday, Kumon on Sunday etc etc. Holy crap… And I really do need to volunteer more. I’m thinking of doing reading buddies with my friends too.

The other day my sister was on Metanorn and apparently there’s this anime that’s like watching a drug or something, haha. It looks unappealing and stupid since there’s a real life thing and anime thing. Hmm… There’s also a lot of fan service now, for almost every fricken page there’s a girl’s shirt that got ripped. Idiots. Degrading girls for 99.99% of the animes this year.