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Persona/ School/ O.o

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Well this is sort of a mini review for Persona 4 XD And so far about Persona 3. Persona 4, I’m glad that the reaper does not appear for every level you go on instead it appears in a second play through hiding in a box…. I guess the reaper is scared of Souji instead of Minato, har har.
Yes, I played Persona 4 first instead of Persona 3, and I beat it too. Two weeks ago xD So I thought you could put the characters in Persona 3 in direct command, but obviously I couldn’t. Now the stupid computers always try to charm the enemy or confuse it and delete good attacks leaving a crappy one. Stupid computers….. So far, I can connect to the characters in Persona 4 more than 3. Honestly, just because Persona 3 has an excellent, mind raping, creepy plot doesn’t mean the characters are really, really good. Yes they have flaws but in Persona 4, the characters actually admit to their flaws and faults, but not certain people. Like Yukari for example; she was jealous of Mitsuru and only use her dad’s death as excuse to hate her. She apologized to her but she is still jealous of her, she’s not admitting to her faults yet people claim that she’s a “deep” character. Exactly how? Because I honestly do not see it.
Another bad thing about Persona 3, in order to get Orpheus in his ultimate mode you have to max all the social links and by doing that, you’ll get girlfriends, and no. You don’t get to chose them because all the girls will be your girlfriends. What the f—? So, it’s a good thing to have a lot of girlfriends then? That’s not necessary a “good” thing to be proud of you know and why can’t girls and guys be friends? In what idiotic world does it say, girls are guys HAVE to love each other? Idiots.
Also… Yes I am aware that I’m only pointing about the bad things about Persona 3, but seriously… Let me rant. Why can’t we have social links for the storyline guy characters? We can connect to them more. Why are the f-ing girls so important? And not STORYLINE characters, which they are MORE important. In Persona 4, we understand how they feel and why they were so dejected. In Persona 3, we know nothing about the f-ing guys. Why? Seriously, why?
…….The good thing about Persona 3 is that the plot is very detailed and well made and when you return to the entrance everything’s healed. In Persona 4 it was next to impossible to heal. In Persona 4, the plot is very light hearted funny humor for the most serious scenes too.

School’s not bad, I had two quizzes in this school year so far… I think I failed all of them TT_TT I made really stupid mistakes in English I think I got a 9/12 or 7/12. for Physics….don’t ask. Chemistry I don’t really know he didn’t really show us it.
Here are the clubs I’m joining this year:
Leadership (Maybe)
Debate (Hmmm…still thinking)
Recycle Club (O.o)
YCM (Or whatever it’s called)
More than last year, yes but I’ve been so lazy I just want stuff to do. Besides, my teacher for Model U.N went away for about a month and when she came back, she abruptly told us we had to a speech in the University! O.O Obviously I wasn’t ready, I hardly did anything except for minor studies about my country and it’s Polisci. I would have joined Debate too but I didn’t know what day xD I was also stressing on my finals just because they changed the Social final into something really stupid. I had to practice almost every day and I still didn’t have a single clue of what to write. Basically, I didn’t know what I was practicing.

I fee like making lunch tomorrow. Even though we hardly have any food in the fridge… There is food but you’ll have to heat it up or cook it. Hmmmm… Oh yeah, I’m still sick…

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

*Vulgar language hints

The long awaited event is finally taking place….. Since I’m not doing much this summer, because my mom cancel the trip to Europe I have nothing better to do than play games and watch anime. So I decided to watch the master piece of all anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion xD Obviously from the title..
It’s pretty much mind rape for every episode, starting right from the beginning of this whole thing. You practically have to think about killing and what you’re going to do next piloting the Eva. I think that they made a 14 year old pilot to make it even more of a disturbing anime… Creepy. creepy. creepy…
Moving on to Rei, even though you get to know more about her in Episode 5, I’m really starting to dislike her. She doesn’t even know much about Shinji’s father, yet she had the nerve to go slap Shinji. What the hell. Just because you like him, does not justify the things he does is right. Here I thought she’ll have the Yuki personality, she does but in a sense a more blatant way of describing her, she’s an arse. Also, what’s the deal with Shinji’s father? He shouldn’t be labeled as a father anyway, seeing how horrible he is. He calls his son useless when Shinji, of all people was the first one to pilot an Eva. Have Rei ever pilot an Eva successfully? No. She hasn’t and he runs up to save her but not giving a shit about his own fucking son. The more screen time Rei and Shinji’s “dad” appears in, the more pissed off I’ll get. I don’t get why people despise Shinji but not Rei. Seriously, and by the way, if Shinji never saw Rei all bangle up from the Eva, he wouldn’t even pilot that mind raping machine at all. He did that to save her and all she could repay him is a bitch slap. Shessh.

Also, for Radiata Stories, I’m finally at the final boss but still no full review of this game yet because I got owned…badly too xD I’m also close to the end for Zack and Wiki.