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Japanese Pudding & cheesecake/ Stuff/ More things…

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Twin starsMy sister and I made Japanese pudding, this afternoon and it actually turned out well. It wasn’t too sweet, it was creamy and smooth not chunky. It felt really delectable in your mouth XD Just kidding. It was average at best I guess. Now at night my mom suddenly wanted either me or her to make cheesecake and we did. Round ones and she end up burning it….the top. Of course we cut off the top part…
Japanese pudding and cheesecake
Doesn’t that look good? XDDD Haha.

So the Olympics are going to end soon I’m kind of surprised that Canada is third now.. And they have 13 gold medals, the most gold medals is won by Canada. But I only watch the Olympics for Hockey, figure skating, ice dancing, and speed skating apparently… Haha. I should support the athletes more, o.O
Oh yeah, I have some new obsessions now. Beside playing Persona 4 all over again xD I love Okami. It’s fun and does not abuse the Wii remote and the drawing is so artistic. But a bit too bright. After playing Okami I feel like making an art piece from olden Japanese or Chinese art style but I’m working on this. I can’t wait until I finish it… I hate squares.

Last month I finished first semester and now I’m in my second semester. My schedule is veryy laid back and it looks easy if it wasn’t for the pure pressure and mind pressure from Social………… I swear, Social encourages you to be as cynical as you can. I consider myself very cynical so it’s easy for me to do creative and well put projects as well as essays. But tests..holy crap, I suck at them XD Actually.. I suck at every test =.=
Science course
Social 30-1
Art 30
Yup, very laid back indeed… That’s why I’m planning to volunteer and sign up for everything I’m also still looking into reading buddies and Big Brothers/ Big sisters. I’m also looking for a daycare to volunteer. My goal for cyfc is to have about 100 or so hours. I must get 100 hours before June.
I still want a Ps3, but I have to get an 80-90 average. Stupid mom T_T God… But with my laid back course, I can pull it off. As long as I show up to every single Choir rehearsal day..if I actually do wake up 5 in the morning to go T_T

Bubble tea/ New animes/ Blah blah

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

BearsYes yes, my mother bought me bubble tea today xDD Chocolate Milk Tea, I think that’s what it’s called. The chocolates are not mashed together, it’s smooth, and has a very nice texture to it.

Bubble Tea

The first Summer 2009 anime I watched was Needless… I like the opening more than the ending. Even though both the ending and opening screams fan service but it’s more artistically made for the opening xDD There’s also this other one about sea people I think, it was a very soothing song, I like it..but the opening’s weird. I also started watching Umineko, very cool……..but getting kind of stupid.

Yay, tomorrow I’m going to a wedding! XDD I finally have something to do! XD

Random thoughts/ School thoughts/ Hmmmm

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Twin starsI was wondering how teachers assigns kids in classes and TAs. Do they really do it randomly? Since it’s easier that way? But I don’t really think it’s picked randomly when I was in a class with this idiot that I don’t want to be with T_T There’s also this new cell phone Joana showed me when I was in class xD We went behind the class where this tiny room stood with a very slow computer. It took a long time for it to load too but the cell phone looks soo cool XDD I think it’s Japanese, it was in yen. I already have a new cell phone that time so…=.=” Not that I really want it that much just that it’s cool and pretty. You can flip the top screen backwards and side ways. My LG phone is fat but I can flip it open like a mini DS XD I was also wondering what key chain I should put on my DSi. I don’t really have much left maybe Itachi….but hmmm….

This year around I actually want to lead a project for Leadership. Since all of those other people always steals it away from me besides it’s better to get a good impression xD Maybe I’ll also join Yearbook since this year Year’s book is terrible beyond words. Putting random pictures every where, the layouts are crappy, some things are cut off, everything is recycled at least five times. Almost every page looks the same!!! GAHH!! T_T Horrible…
Maybe I’ll also join some more clubs… I bet this year is going to be boring any way.

Today I made my own lunch, an American omelet and a tamago-yaki xD Perfect shaped too!! Well sort of, maybe two of them are perfect shaped XDD And for both of the omelets I love to put ketchup. Some people put mayonnaise…sounds gross to me and I’m sure some people will think putting ketchup is disgusting..hm..

I’m blogging almost every day.. Man I’m so lonely xDDD xxxholic… *Sigh* I was afraid that, that thing hunch I had was actually true.

Soup bentou/ Err…./ Great

Friday, July 17th, 2009

bears cuteMy sister made a soup bentou today even though I went out to eat with my dad and his friends who are staying at our house. It was kind of bland only at the top though, you can definitely taste more salt at the bottom submerged by all of those veggies and tofu she randomly put in xD Then she painted soy sauce on the rice balls at the top and bottom. It’s not really an onigiri because she pan fried it.

What a cute cup xD My mom never wants me to use these cups, since she says it’s too cute o.O Elephant cup

*sigh* Those people from Vancover are so loud..and they brag a lot too. Well the lady does =.= She keeps going on about her house and how bigger it was saying that it’s 4000sq ft and such. Shessh.  I think tomorrow my friends and I will be watching a movie..if she answer my calls that is T_T I always wonder my dad always goes out for business trips but he always have time to driver others around..o.O

Haha, I guess I wasn’t sick after all xD

Mangas.. Stampede week O.o

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

cute…So.. I haven’t been reading Dgrayman for about a month now. I don’t know, when it came out I loved it so much. Now.. It’s boring? I suppose? Well actually, it doesn’t really make any sense anymore. And what’s with all these half things? Half demons, half hollows, half elves, now half akumas?….. Err…T_T Holy crap man. Halves… Maybe Japan likes these kind of stuffs, I don’t think Christianity has anything to do with this at all. Or maybe they threw in it for fun *cough* Neon Genesis *cough* Since Japan loves stuff like Ghosts things and such. Like 100 Tales of Ghost stories, I can never get enough people to do this! It gets me frustrated. It’s like their scared to do it or something xD

*sigh* Maybe I should start reading the new Dgrayman chapters now. I’ll give it one more shot. I wonder if volume 8 came out yet..hmmm..
I also need to get xxxholic volume 13, I didn’t get to actually read it.

Ah.. Stampede Week.. I don’t feel like going at all. It’s so hot, crowded and the people are rude as hell. Like this one time, I was waiting for Tayla so I went on the ride I always go on. The high swing set with lots of swings.. And I wanted to know how much points I have left so I asked the dude. He waved his hand at me for me to go away and didn’t even bother to tell me how many points I have and guess why? Because two chicks were behind me. What a perverted dumbass. Stupid bastard,these kind of people don’t even know how to do anything.

Look what my sister made.


Ongiris!! XDD Haha. It has tuna inside.

New key chain thingyxD

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

BearsI bought a new key chain!! Well, it’s not really a key chain..you can put it on your key chain but I put it on my phone. It barely had enough room for one but my mom manged to squeeze that in.
I wanted to put my new key chain on my mp3 actually, but my mom said it’ll look much better on my cell phone apparently.


Yesterday I was talking to Joana about a good day to come over to my house and baking stuff XDD I don’t know why.. She just randomly suggested it and I was craving to make something in my new kitchen island for almost two days now XD I want to bake strawberry shortcake o.O Maybe purin if I wash my oven, hehe… I’m soo lazy though =.=”
That reminds me, since I’m taking Chemistry this year I need to start reviewing on the formulas or bonding. Everyone of my friends that were in Chemistry always complain about how hard bonding was. I’m scared XD

Klavier and Apollo XD

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Candace Oh my god XD While I myself am a KlavierxApollo fan I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off when they showed it in Lucky Star XDD It was just that funny! I don’t know why XD

Tamura drew pictures of Klavier and Apollo they were cute. I wonder if she’s going to draw them..doing stuff. Since she draws those stuff about her friends XDD
Oh and my kitchen island is finally done. We can start cooking again!!
This summer I have an affinity for cooking desserts now o.O And maybe try making my own bentou.

Library trip/ Sushi/ Yay..

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Presea(TOS)Today I had to wake up at eight because my mom leaves the house to go work and I had to leave with her because I had to drop my Art Journal for my teacher to mark. Why do I have to wake up so early…stupid people..grrr and by the way, school’s over and it’s exam week. Everyone’s cramming their studies in the library yesterday for the Math final xD I met Angela there too, she was supposedly studying for Biology but Lisa and Andrew, whom by the way I hate. Stupid Andrew made Angela cry three days ago…T_T Idiot, he says that going outside would make him sweat so he stayed inside…anyway, were not there so she half studied for her Chemistry diploma. Since she says that diploma is more important than her Biology exam, har har.
Err… Today I finally went to the Central library and borrowed three books and two dvds. For once, because I would usually go to school or the library near my place but both of the places didn’t have what I was looking for, and that kind of made me mad so, I decided to give the Central library a shot. I did find the dvd I was looking for, yay! But no key…T_T

 Library booksMy melody

Har har, my sister wanted to test her Cantonese skills, so she used my library card and made me choose books for her. So far, she said the purple book in the front is easy, but once she starts reading…she doesn’t know two words in the first sentence XD HAHAHHA!! Funny.
And that’s my sister’s cell phone in the other picture, look! She has a yellow My Melody xD And attached to My Melody is this balls of chain with a heart. She also has a sandal..

Well, I went to out to eat, of course. Since we were both hungry and stayed at the library for two hours or so waiting for our mom to come to downtown. We ordered about six plates of food and it only cost $56.61, I guess Sushi Kai is less expensive then Sakana Grill because of competition?… I finally got to eat Takoyaki again!!!
Mmhmm, it came out sizzling too and the flakes made it look like it’s alive and Wendy finally got to eat her Popcorn roll… It was interesting…in a good way. I tried Soba today too, and yes, I made my soba wrong. Their soba sauce was more settle? O.o Hmm.. I just know that the sauce was different from the way I made mine.

I finally started watching Lucky Star..yes, it’s weird. No plot, no development but hey, it’s crack. I guess it focus on real life……………………………………….realistic stuff I mean.. Yeah.

O.o-What’s with the profile?/ Birthday

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I have no clue what is with the profile here. The top pictures are always gone O.o Only for certain ones that they’re still there. What the hell is going on? Hmm… I must ask a site..moderator person…later xD

Yes yes, it was indeed my birthday yesterday. I’m getting closer to turning into an adult!! Nuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahhh! I don’t want too! I want to stay as a strange immature kid!!! Wahh!!… My yearbook really sucks this year. Payed $30.00 dollars for it too. Tsk tsk. Well, I did went out to eat yesterday but to a place where I didn’t want to go. It was close and we could walk home so..meh. We went to Boston pizza and none of us could finish our whole plate, like always. I also got five french cakes!! They taste soooo good!! Oh my god. Especially the raseberry one, mmmmmmmmmmm xD I’ll post a pciture of it next time XD

By the way, the cakes from the French cafe cost $8.00 dollars per piece. Holy crap. Lately there’s this site that I always go to, to play cooking games xDD Some of them are really fun, while others are just..weird.
Site link: http://www.bratzgames.biz/category/Cooking-Games/1.html
There are other games too, like dress up games and star games (Whatever that is), but their not as fun.

For my birthday party we might go to a Laser tag place XD

Britain’s Got Talent Winner!

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Genis and MithosOh my god!!! Diversity won!! I’m so happy for them!! ^-^ Now they finally have money for their university fees.Their final performance was mind blowing. Oh my god. It was the most amazing thing besides George Sampson’s ingenious idea to dance in the rain inside XD
Man. This year, there were so many amazing people. Makes me feel ashamed of myself xD Ha ha…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtwVfJqBfms <<Diversity Final