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Japanese Pudding & cheesecake/ Stuff/ More things…

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Twin starsMy sister and I made Japanese pudding, this afternoon and it actually turned out well. It wasn’t too sweet, it was creamy and smooth not chunky. It felt really delectable in your mouth XD Just kidding. It was average at best I guess. Now at night my mom suddenly wanted either me or her to make cheesecake and we did. Round ones and she end up burning it….the top. Of course we cut off the top part…
Japanese pudding and cheesecake
Doesn’t that look good? XDDD Haha.

So the Olympics are going to end soon I’m kind of surprised that Canada is third now.. And they have 13 gold medals, the most gold medals is won by Canada. But I only watch the Olympics for Hockey, figure skating, ice dancing, and speed skating apparently… Haha. I should support the athletes more, o.O
Oh yeah, I have some new obsessions now. Beside playing Persona 4 all over again xD I love Okami. It’s fun and does not abuse the Wii remote and the drawing is so artistic. But a bit too bright. After playing Okami I feel like making an art piece from olden Japanese or Chinese art style but I’m working on this. I can’t wait until I finish it… I hate squares.

Last month I finished first semester and now I’m in my second semester. My schedule is veryy laid back and it looks easy if it wasn’t for the pure pressure and mind pressure from Social………… I swear, Social encourages you to be as cynical as you can. I consider myself very cynical so it’s easy for me to do creative and well put projects as well as essays. But tests..holy crap, I suck at them XD Actually.. I suck at every test =.=
Science course
Social 30-1
Art 30
Yup, very laid back indeed… That’s why I’m planning to volunteer and sign up for everything I’m also still looking into reading buddies and Big Brothers/ Big sisters. I’m also looking for a daycare to volunteer. My goal for cyfc is to have about 100 or so hours. I must get 100 hours before June.
I still want a Ps3, but I have to get an 80-90 average. Stupid mom T_T God… But with my laid back course, I can pull it off. As long as I show up to every single Choir rehearsal day..if I actually do wake up 5 in the morning to go T_T

New key chain thingyxD

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

BearsI bought a new key chain!! Well, it’s not really a key chain..you can put it on your key chain but I put it on my phone. It barely had enough room for one but my mom manged to squeeze that in.
I wanted to put my new key chain on my mp3 actually, but my mom said it’ll look much better on my cell phone apparently.


Yesterday I was talking to Joana about a good day to come over to my house and baking stuff XDD I don’t know why.. She just randomly suggested it and I was craving to make something in my new kitchen island for almost two days now XD I want to bake strawberry shortcake o.O Maybe purin if I wash my oven, hehe… I’m soo lazy though =.=”
That reminds me, since I’m taking Chemistry this year I need to start reviewing on the formulas or bonding. Everyone of my friends that were in Chemistry always complain about how hard bonding was. I’m scared XD

Muwahaha =/ Hmmm…

Saturday, June 27th, 2009


I’m feeling a little bit better, I love taking my banana medicine xD I look forward to it every four hours. Today I went out with my mom because I had nothing better to do. I thought we were going to Chinook because she said she’s going to be buy me a ps3… But she said next month is better. But she didn’t give me the reason why, anyway, she also got a hair cut (Which is really weird XDD) and dyed her hair purply red. No more white hair XDD Har har. The total cost is $165.00 dollars….wow. More expensive than my puma shoes O.o

Oh! Guess what I made today…
Mitarashi Dango!!
Haha, actually my sister made it I helped. I made the perfect dango near the left edge, all small and pretty looking xD And our sisterly phones, aren’t they pretty together?……………..*ahem*
WELL… The Dango..has no taste in the middle XD But the sauce is good. I came up with a idea to upload my pictures on my phone and putting them on my blog. But…it didn’t turn out so well, sadly. Just because my phone wouldn’t let my pictures upload on the computer..stupid thing. I wonder if Dango is a dessert or considered as something else o.O

Here’s the list of things to do this summer:

1. Finish all of my Kumon…

2. Ps3 XD

 3. Learn to cook

4. Go work somewhere

5. xxxholic box set

Errr…… I want to get that cool phone that Joana showed me TT_TT But it’s not out yet… Oh! I finished Lucky Star! Yay! *claps* I watched the OVA..doesn’t make any sense.

Library trip/ Sushi/ Yay..

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Presea(TOS)Today I had to wake up at eight because my mom leaves the house to go work and I had to leave with her because I had to drop my Art Journal for my teacher to mark. Why do I have to wake up so early…stupid people..grrr and by the way, school’s over and it’s exam week. Everyone’s cramming their studies in the library yesterday for the Math final xD I met Angela there too, she was supposedly studying for Biology but Lisa and Andrew, whom by the way I hate. Stupid Andrew made Angela cry three days ago…T_T Idiot, he says that going outside would make him sweat so he stayed inside…anyway, were not there so she half studied for her Chemistry diploma. Since she says that diploma is more important than her Biology exam, har har.
Err… Today I finally went to the Central library and borrowed three books and two dvds. For once, because I would usually go to school or the library near my place but both of the places didn’t have what I was looking for, and that kind of made me mad so, I decided to give the Central library a shot. I did find the dvd I was looking for, yay! But no key…T_T

 Library booksMy melody

Har har, my sister wanted to test her Cantonese skills, so she used my library card and made me choose books for her. So far, she said the purple book in the front is easy, but once she starts reading…she doesn’t know two words in the first sentence XD HAHAHHA!! Funny.
And that’s my sister’s cell phone in the other picture, look! She has a yellow My Melody xD And attached to My Melody is this balls of chain with a heart. She also has a sandal..

Well, I went to out to eat, of course. Since we were both hungry and stayed at the library for two hours or so waiting for our mom to come to downtown. We ordered about six plates of food and it only cost $56.61, I guess Sushi Kai is less expensive then Sakana Grill because of competition?… I finally got to eat Takoyaki again!!!
Mmhmm, it came out sizzling too and the flakes made it look like it’s alive and Wendy finally got to eat her Popcorn roll… It was interesting…in a good way. I tried Soba today too, and yes, I made my soba wrong. Their soba sauce was more settle? O.o Hmm.. I just know that the sauce was different from the way I made mine.

I finally started watching Lucky Star..yes, it’s weird. No plot, no development but hey, it’s crack. I guess it focus on real life……………………………………….realistic stuff I mean.. Yeah.


Monday, June 1st, 2009

Genis and Presea


….Err..ignore that.

But really..我恨它. 那么非常.
Anyway, yay for June!! Almost my birthday XDD Nuuu! I don’t want to be older! I want to stay as an immature weirdo… I finished Kumon yesterday in twelve minutes. Muwahahah.
Only two weeks of school left and I still have a whole unit to finish in two classes! Grr..I hate my teachers. Why are their units so messed up? *hmph*Here’s a list that I want to buy or that I want for my birthday XD
1. xxxholic box set
2. Resident Evil 5! (No xbox though…or ps3)
3. New Chococat pencil that I lost.
4. New note book? Maybe Sanrio because my mother loves sanrio merchandise.
5. Gyakuten Kenji
6. Adventure of zack and wiki

Yay xD

Oh, and guess where my dad brought me to eat.. Yup, Dim Sum. *grumbles* Well, I was really hungry that time so it didn’t matter. I also had a Pot Luck after we finished recording all the songs for Concert Choir but since I was going to eat anyway it didn’t matter if I ate.
I wonder why almost all of my teachers are having Pot Lucks this year. Hmm…

Here’s the stuff I’m suppose to do today.
1. Wash my uniform.
2. Finsih my project (three of them)
3. Finish my Math assignemt
4. Poke more people xD

Movie-mwauhaha, that was hilarious

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

CandaceAh, today was fun. I finally got to see Stacie whom I haven’t seen in a long time, since she goes to another school TT_TT Yes, yes, tragic indeed. Enough of this, hmmmm we went to see a movie today. It was between Up and Drag me to hell. Since Stacie loves to watch scary movies and I want to see how….thrilling it would be… Meryl got dragged along to come see it too XD Har har.

We ended up watching Drag me to hell anyway and the person asked me how old I was. I was so embarrassed XDD Throughout the whole movie, the main character was hallucinating, a lot and she hyperventilated at the last moment if she wouldn’t have she would have still been alive. But there is this one part that’s so funny XDD I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Since they all chanted welcoming the dead the devil or whatever went inside this guy’s body and started dancing on the table XDDD Priceless!
All in all, it wasn’t that bad. I was glad that for an American(?) made horror movie was finally different then the usual slasher ones. Wish it could have lasted longer though, I couldn’t really enjoy the movie since those two kept screaming. They scared me more than the movie XD Now I learned two things from the movie:
1. Never piss off gypsies….or anyone in fact. Not even a little person.
2. Never sit in the middle of two people who keeps screaming.

Err…so the other day I tried the milk tea with cream and chocolate at 3:3 and it was really good. Creamy and chocolaty lots of milk XD Mmmmm. I also tried the garlic toast it was very..buttery. I like the sweeten peanut butter one more =/

….Oh!! I got 14% boasted up for my math!! Hooray!! But I still need more… I still don’t like my current mark =( Ugh, I have to go to Choir tomorrow, to record for our CD =.= And then the next day I have to go to Kumon. Grr…but every Sunday my dad takes me somewhere to eat. Hopefully this time it won’t be Dim sum. I’m getting sick of eating it every time.
Lately I’ve been tired at school. Only until 12 then I’m not tired anymore. Weird.

I lost my Chococat!! Wahh!! It was so cute too TT_TT

Grad peformance o.O-blah blah

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Obviously today was the grade 12s graduation and there were so many frickin TA’s. It was an ordeal to get through…had to sit there for god knows what hour, it felt like eternity and I had to get up at like 6 something am just to go to school!
*hmph* It also turns out that we didn’t need to sing the song in french…Hm. I studied it for nothing! GAH!!
*cough* Anyway, I don’t get why everyone makes it such a big deal just because you’re graduating…grade 12 of all things. Shouldn’t you be more excited if you get a job after University?… There were so much cheering and people tripping xD It was a funny sight to witness.

….Hmm.. Oh yeah, everyone said I looked cute today..creepy…xD

Here’s a random picture of volume 7 of Dgrayman XD I just love this cover, so artistic and pretty XDD

Dgrayman vol 7Cinnamorol

Hehe, Cinnamorol is too cute for words xD I can’t tell if it’s a he or a she… I’m just curious but it doesn’t really matter.

Bentou and Onigiri’s

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Genis sageFor the first time ever my sister made a bentou for me xD Apparently we have to eat it cold but can warm it up if we wanted to, the only thing is that bentou doesn’t work in microwaves.

Anyway, now that I have to go to school at 7:15am tomorrow, she decided to make Onigiri’s for me since they’re easy to munch on XD Har har.

Frick, I keep missing first period! Dammit, why can’t school start at 9 or something it will give me plenty of time to get ready. F this…
I also don’t like how we have TA’s. It’s pointless! Why do we have to go to TA?!! We basically do nothing but sitting around doing nothing or walking aimlessly around the classroom. Easy marks but still pointless.

Whee-T&T/ 3:3 Teatime/ Things

Monday, May 25th, 2009

LlodyI am back! XD With more stuff.

Since my mom leaves work at 5pm she went downtown to 3:3 to buy this.

Very delicious indeed XDD

more cute candies

Even though it’s like any other sandwich with peanut butter, it’s actually really addicting and good XD And I bought another pack of these adorable candies from T&T. Also the same taste, milk tea…but still good.

My sister and I actually went to T&T to buy Japanese rice to make Onigiri and to make a bento for me.  I can’t wait for tomorrow xD I get to eat my bento..but I’m kind of scared because my sister’s making it…hm =.= I’m her guinea pig, so…that just makes me even more scared. Har har. I bought some more cream puffs ^-^ Even though it’s freakishly sweet, it’s good for a snack. Good to eat while you’re in class, without your teacher noticing. Not that I tried it… I might *evil glint*

>_< Now I need to finish my math homework and study for my upcoming exam.


Here’s where 3:3 Teatime is;
108-3rd Ave. S.W. Calgary AB
Number: (403)608-6979