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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Twin starsWell, in May my friends and I went to the Anime convention that comes every once a year in the same month. By the way, this was my first time going and I did not cosplay XD No one wanted to cosplay with me so… And I was too lazy to do my hair and stuff.

As I thought about it more and more and since my friends are going to be cosplaying with me next year I’m going to make mine with them. I’m planning to go as Minato from Persona 3 and then I need to buy a wig and make it look exactly like his hair XD I hope that a wig cap comes with it though…. Hmmmm… Err.. About the festival..ish thing… I did get to buy some cool stuff. Most of the venders were from DA and I witness some people sing for Otafest idol…. And let’s say that was…a pretty…………cringe worthy moment…. There was also a fashion contest but we weren’t good at time management and missed it XD Haha. There was also a cosplaying contest and yay for Lightning!!! She was third place XD I’m honestly surprised that there was a lot of Durarara fans.
Of course knowing me, I am very picky. Some people didn’t even attempt to create the exact cosplay and there was so many people who were like that too. ..God. The most adorable thing however, was the baby Naruto XD As sad as it sounds, he was soo cutee!!! >__

Well… This is not really my full coverage but it’s close enough xD Har har.
Oh, school’s over!! Yay!!! *dances*

Shopping/ Sweets/ O.o

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

DangoBoston Pizza seems to be very busy today, and whenever I go there with my mom and sister, there’s always a birthday party.
What the hell…. It’s kind of creepy, and there’s better places to have birthday parties BESIDES Boston Pizza. I went here with my friend and we were trying to race to see who finish eating first xD Just kidding, we didn’t do that but I guess we’re half arse racing. My sister’s pizza cost $25.00 O.O Holy crap xD Such an expensive Pizza and I tried it with whole wheat. It didn’t taste much different from the normal kind we always get. Then we walked to the strip mall because Block buster was there, after I dropped off my friend to the bus stop and went in some other shops and apparently when I met up with my mother and sister again, she bought wine…

Today my dad friend bought these Chinese Sweets at a Chinese bakery xD One is called “Wife cookie” and the other is I don’t know.. But yeah, it’s the one I’m eating right now. The filling inside is very good, taste great when you first bite into it.

Sweet thing

I rented The Adventure of Zack and Wiki again, haha and this time, I’ll make sure to play it extra long! Except for the days that I’m playing my new game that I bought, Radiata Stories on PS2, it’s pretty fun. The dialogue is funny but the music sounds sooo cheesy, haha.


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

…I’m really sick right now. Well, only a stuffy nose and a bad cough other than that I can live. .. Unfortunately for my sister XD Muwahahaha.
Ah, since I was sick today I had to go to the doctor for a check up so he can subscribe what medicine to make me eat. It was really annoying, had to wait for 45 minutes just to get inside and the check up lasted not even two minutes! Gah! T_T I also went to T-pot today and the service was worse than ever.

Hmm… Two days ago I went to Block buster with my sister. We were planning to get a game and movie but there was no good blue ray movies so we just got two games, and of course I picked it because the Wii is mine XDD There’s mostly games that I’ve already played…I saw Call of Duty too! I wanted to rent it but my sister wouldn’t let me =.=
I ended up renting Cooking Mama 3D and The Adventure of Zack and Wiki.

Cooking Mama came with a guide book… Don’t know why..but it did. And that Chococat was suppose to be my bus pass! But my sister took it from me to store her leads. CookingMama and the other game needs a lot of Wii controls. Not that it’s not fun but it hurts XD Especially if you’re trying to do things fast becasue you’re timed and all. My favorite thing to make right now is probably the Elcair.

The cream for the custard is interesting… My sister brought it up out of random when she came back from school today XD Like…ten or so minutes ago.
Ugh. Zack and Wiki is soo hard! I’m stuck on the second dungeon! I can’t believe it!

Ohh! I’m on episode 17 for Lucky Star! Just 7 episodes to go xD But I’m kind of re-watching some of the episodes because I missed some parts.
I also went to eat Sushi with Jessica yesterday at Sakana Grill. We were originally going to eat at Sushi Kai but it wasn’t open. Our whole thing was $51.64….. It’s not that much..but for two people…wow. I’ll have to remind Jessica to not eat a lot….and be full becuase we almost had left overs. The Yakiniku for Sakana Grill doesn’t taste anything like BBq…hmmm….
Whatever. Jessica did want desserts so I showed her the way to the French Cafe or French Cake shop…but it wasn’t open. I found that out after we got there T_T So we decided to just go to T & T arcade and play some games before we go home. Yup…and my right arm ended hurting for the whole day. Thanks to Jessica and her Air hockey =.=”

Oh.. And I saw Stacie at the C-train yesterday too. She was a week and two days lateĀ  congratulating my birthday…

Movie-mwauhaha, that was hilarious

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

CandaceAh, today was fun. I finally got to see Stacie whom I haven’t seen in a long time, since she goes to another school TT_TT Yes, yes, tragic indeed. Enough of this, hmmmm we went to see a movie today. It was between Up and Drag me to hell. Since Stacie loves to watch scary movies and I want to see how….thrilling it would be… Meryl got dragged along to come see it too XD Har har.

We ended up watching Drag me to hell anyway and the person asked me how old I was. I was so embarrassed XDD Throughout the whole movie, the main character was hallucinating, a lot and she hyperventilated at the last moment if she wouldn’t have she would have still been alive. But there is this one part that’s so funny XDD I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Since they all chanted welcoming the dead the devil or whatever went inside this guy’s body and started dancing on the table XDDD Priceless!
All in all, it wasn’t that bad. I was glad that for an American(?) made horror movie was finally different then the usual slasher ones. Wish it could have lasted longer though, I couldn’t really enjoy the movie since those two kept screaming. They scared me more than the movie XD Now I learned two things from the movie:
1. Never piss off gypsies….or anyone in fact. Not even a little person.
2. Never sit in the middle of two people who keeps screaming.

Err…so the other day I tried the milk tea with cream and chocolate at 3:3 and it was really good. Creamy and chocolaty lots of milk XD Mmmmm. I also tried the garlic toast it was very..buttery. I like the sweeten peanut butter one more =/

….Oh!! I got 14% boasted up for my math!! Hooray!! But I still need more… I still don’t like my current mark =( Ugh, I have to go to Choir tomorrow, to record for our CD =.= And then the next day I have to go to Kumon. Grr…but every Sunday my dad takes me somewhere to eat. Hopefully this time it won’t be Dim sum. I’m getting sick of eating it every time.
Lately I’ve been tired at school. Only until 12 then I’m not tired anymore. Weird.

I lost my Chococat!! Wahh!! It was so cute too TT_TT