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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Twin starsWell, in May my friends and I went to the Anime convention that comes every once a year in the same month. By the way, this was my first time going and I did not cosplay XD No one wanted to cosplay with me so… And I was too lazy to do my hair and stuff.

As I thought about it more and more and since my friends are going to be cosplaying with me next year I’m going to make mine with them. I’m planning to go as Minato from Persona 3 and then I need to buy a wig and make it look exactly like his hair XD I hope that a wig cap comes with it though…. Hmmmm… Err.. About the festival..ish thing… I did get to buy some cool stuff. Most of the venders were from DA and I witness some people sing for Otafest idol…. And let’s say that was…a pretty…………cringe worthy moment…. There was also a fashion contest but we weren’t good at time management and missed it XD Haha. There was also a cosplaying contest and yay for Lightning!!! She was third place XD I’m honestly surprised that there was a lot of Durarara fans.
Of course knowing me, I am very picky. Some people didn’t even attempt to create the exact cosplay and there was so many people who were like that too. ..God. The most adorable thing however, was the baby Naruto XD As sad as it sounds, he was soo cutee!!! >__

Well… This is not really my full coverage but it’s close enough xD Har har.
Oh, school’s over!! Yay!!! *dances*

Japanese Pudding & cheesecake/ Stuff/ More things…

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Twin starsMy sister and I made Japanese pudding, this afternoon and it actually turned out well. It wasn’t too sweet, it was creamy and smooth not chunky. It felt really delectable in your mouth XD Just kidding. It was average at best I guess. Now at night my mom suddenly wanted either me or her to make cheesecake and we did. Round ones and she end up burning it….the top. Of course we cut off the top part…
Japanese pudding and cheesecake
Doesn’t that look good? XDDD Haha.

So the Olympics are going to end soon I’m kind of surprised that Canada is third now.. And they have 13 gold medals, the most gold medals is won by Canada. But I only watch the Olympics for Hockey, figure skating, ice dancing, and speed skating apparently… Haha. I should support the athletes more, o.O
Oh yeah, I have some new obsessions now. Beside playing Persona 4 all over again xD I love Okami. It’s fun and does not abuse the Wii remote and the drawing is so artistic. But a bit too bright. After playing Okami I feel like making an art piece from olden Japanese or Chinese art style but I’m working on this. I can’t wait until I finish it… I hate squares.

Last month I finished first semester and now I’m in my second semester. My schedule is veryy laid back and it looks easy if it wasn’t for the pure pressure and mind pressure from Social………… I swear, Social encourages you to be as cynical as you can. I consider myself very cynical so it’s easy for me to do creative and well put projects as well as essays. But tests..holy crap, I suck at them XD Actually.. I suck at every test =.=
Science course
Social 30-1
Art 30
Yup, very laid back indeed… That’s why I’m planning to volunteer and sign up for everything I’m also still looking into reading buddies and Big Brothers/ Big sisters. I’m also looking for a daycare to volunteer. My goal for cyfc is to have about 100 or so hours. I must get 100 hours before June.
I still want a Ps3, but I have to get an 80-90 average. Stupid mom T_T God… But with my laid back course, I can pull it off. As long as I show up to every single Choir rehearsal day..if I actually do wake up 5 in the morning to go T_T

I’m back!!/Hmm/ Christmas Wish list..

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Cute bearr Woot! Two weeks of freedom, I’m so happy xDI needed a break from school, I can’t stand being in that class for another second. Everyone in there are just impudent brats =.=

Anyway, wow. There’s so many great animes and games coming out in 2010. Like;
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Legend of Zelda
Metroid Prime
Gundam 00 movie
The disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi
Pokemon SilverSoul/ GoldHeart
Persona 5
Bioshock 2
Gundam Unicorn
Harvest Moon: Animal March
And more. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait XDD

Today was an ordinary lazy day, I got up around twoish and got on the computer, downloaded some animes to put in my Ipod, you know the normal stuff. Well, I was going to wake up around six or so to study for Chemistry, but for some reason… I couldn’t hear the alarm o.O Hmm.
I can never wake up early now and yesterday I slept at twelve! ..Oh wait, I slept at two xD Haha. Well, maybe today I can sleep early. Today my dinner consist of Udon and Tiramisu… That my mom randomly bought on her way home.

The udon was really good, the texture is soft and tasty and the tofu…taste like tofu. I don’t know what else to say about it..haha.
Just a few more days and it will be Christmas, joy.. I was looking forward in seeing the Christmas lights but the weather is just terrible and it snows non stop T_T Shessh. This Christmas… Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I want a PS3 XD

Persona/ School/ O.o

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Well this is sort of a mini review for Persona 4 XD And so far about Persona 3. Persona 4, I’m glad that the reaper does not appear for every level you go on instead it appears in a second play through hiding in a box…. I guess the reaper is scared of Souji instead of Minato, har har.
Yes, I played Persona 4 first instead of Persona 3, and I beat it too. Two weeks ago xD So I thought you could put the characters in Persona 3 in direct command, but obviously I couldn’t. Now the stupid computers always try to charm the enemy or confuse it and delete good attacks leaving a crappy one. Stupid computers….. So far, I can connect to the characters in Persona 4 more than 3. Honestly, just because Persona 3 has an excellent, mind raping, creepy plot doesn’t mean the characters are really, really good. Yes they have flaws but in Persona 4, the characters actually admit to their flaws and faults, but not certain people. Like Yukari for example; she was jealous of Mitsuru and only use her dad’s death as excuse to hate her. She apologized to her but she is still jealous of her, she’s not admitting to her faults yet people claim that she’s a “deep” character. Exactly how? Because I honestly do not see it.
Another bad thing about Persona 3, in order to get Orpheus in his ultimate mode you have to max all the social links and by doing that, you’ll get girlfriends, and no. You don’t get to chose them because all the girls will be your girlfriends. What the f—? So, it’s a good thing to have a lot of girlfriends then? That’s not necessary a “good” thing to be proud of you know and why can’t girls and guys be friends? In what idiotic world does it say, girls are guys HAVE to love each other? Idiots.
Also… Yes I am aware that I’m only pointing about the bad things about Persona 3, but seriously… Let me rant. Why can’t we have social links for the storyline guy characters? We can connect to them more. Why are the f-ing girls so important? And not STORYLINE characters, which they are MORE important. In Persona 4, we understand how they feel and why they were so dejected. In Persona 3, we know nothing about the f-ing guys. Why? Seriously, why?
…….The good thing about Persona 3 is that the plot is very detailed and well made and when you return to the entrance everything’s healed. In Persona 4 it was next to impossible to heal. In Persona 4, the plot is very light hearted funny humor for the most serious scenes too.

School’s not bad, I had two quizzes in this school year so far… I think I failed all of them TT_TT I made really stupid mistakes in English I think I got a 9/12 or 7/12. for Physics….don’t ask. Chemistry I don’t really know he didn’t really show us it.
Here are the clubs I’m joining this year:
Leadership (Maybe)
Debate (Hmmm…still thinking)
Recycle Club (O.o)
YCM (Or whatever it’s called)
More than last year, yes but I’ve been so lazy I just want stuff to do. Besides, my teacher for Model U.N went away for about a month and when she came back, she abruptly told us we had to a speech in the University! O.O Obviously I wasn’t ready, I hardly did anything except for minor studies about my country and it’s Polisci. I would have joined Debate too but I didn’t know what day xD I was also stressing on my finals just because they changed the Social final into something really stupid. I had to practice almost every day and I still didn’t have a single clue of what to write. Basically, I didn’t know what I was practicing.

I fee like making lunch tomorrow. Even though we hardly have any food in the fridge… There is food but you’ll have to heat it up or cook it. Hmmmm… Oh yeah, I’m still sick…

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

*Vulgar language hints

The long awaited event is finally taking place….. Since I’m not doing much this summer, because my mom cancel the trip to Europe I have nothing better to do than play games and watch anime. So I decided to watch the master piece of all anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion xD Obviously from the title..
It’s pretty much mind rape for every episode, starting right from the beginning of this whole thing. You practically have to think about killing and what you’re going to do next piloting the Eva. I think that they made a 14 year old pilot to make it even more of a disturbing anime… Creepy. creepy. creepy…
Moving on to Rei, even though you get to know more about her in Episode 5, I’m really starting to dislike her. She doesn’t even know much about Shinji’s father, yet she had the nerve to go slap Shinji. What the hell. Just because you like him, does not justify the things he does is right. Here I thought she’ll have the Yuki personality, she does but in a sense a more blatant way of describing her, she’s an arse. Also, what’s the deal with Shinji’s father? He shouldn’t be labeled as a father anyway, seeing how horrible he is. He calls his son useless when Shinji, of all people was the first one to pilot an Eva. Have Rei ever pilot an Eva successfully? No. She hasn’t and he runs up to save her but not giving a shit about his own fucking son. The more screen time Rei and Shinji’s “dad” appears in, the more pissed off I’ll get. I don’t get why people despise Shinji but not Rei. Seriously, and by the way, if Shinji never saw Rei all bangle up from the Eva, he wouldn’t even pilot that mind raping machine at all. He did that to save her and all she could repay him is a bitch slap. Shessh.

Also, for Radiata Stories, I’m finally at the final boss but still no full review of this game yet because I got owned…badly too xD I’m also close to the end for Zack and Wiki.

Games and more games

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

It’s nearing to my last days of Summer and I want to at least accomplish something this year. Since I’m half way finished Radiata Stories I might as well beat it, and it will be something that I’m proud of for the next two or three days xDD There are some things that I want to complain about…
I know that Jack is the main character, but like any other games you can play as something else. Like; Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Abyss, Star Ocean, Tales of Innocence, and etc. It’s only important to use the main characters for important Boss Battles, but you can play as someone else for entertainment and fun. In Radiata Stories you can’t. Which is kind of depressing. I would like to play as a Light Elf because it seems like it’s oh so fun. Especially if you’re Gil xD
Recently, I’ve been reading spoilers for this game… I know it’s bad, but I can’t help myself there are some things I’m mad about and no it’s not because the ending is bad. It’s because the fandom can’t except change.
All in all, it’s alright I loved King Algandars boss battle, it was really exciting xD The music was also very well done too, right at the most dramatic part it accerlated you right until you beat him. Which isn’t very long… I think this boss battle lasted two minutes? Haha xDD

Now, on to The Adventure of Zack and Wiki, it’s soo much fun! Too bad I was stuck at such a stupid part T_T The puzzles are easy in a ill manner way…O.o Err… Scratch that………….. The humor for this game fills you with laughter and makes you crack a smile even if you’re cranky. Seriously, they’re pretty funny, haha.
Ah…but I’m stuck at another part, Keeper of the ice, that thing is so annoying T_T

Shopping/ Sweets/ O.o

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

DangoBoston Pizza seems to be very busy today, and whenever I go there with my mom and sister, there’s always a birthday party.
What the hell…. It’s kind of creepy, and there’s better places to have birthday parties BESIDES Boston Pizza. I went here with my friend and we were trying to race to see who finish eating first xD Just kidding, we didn’t do that but I guess we’re half arse racing. My sister’s pizza cost $25.00 O.O Holy crap xD Such an expensive Pizza and I tried it with whole wheat. It didn’t taste much different from the normal kind we always get. Then we walked to the strip mall because Block buster was there, after I dropped off my friend to the bus stop and went in some other shops and apparently when I met up with my mother and sister again, she bought wine…

Today my dad friend bought these Chinese Sweets at a Chinese bakery xD One is called “Wife cookie” and the other is I don’t know.. But yeah, it’s the one I’m eating right now. The filling inside is very good, taste great when you first bite into it.

Sweet thing

I rented The Adventure of Zack and Wiki again, haha and this time, I’ll make sure to play it extra long! Except for the days that I’m playing my new game that I bought, Radiata Stories on PS2, it’s pretty fun. The dialogue is funny but the music sounds sooo cheesy, haha.

Fun things/ T_T/ Hmm

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Cute bearrAh.. Yesterday I was on eight rides because both my sister and my mom won’t ride the ones that goes up side down. Instead they want to ride on the ones that spins a lot and makes me nauseous. Ugh..and I met some really dumb arses too. My mom ate this huge turkey leg at the time it looked disgusting, if it was smaller than maybe it will look better. I always wonder why my sister likes corn dogs  but the new ice cream shop was really good. Creamy and nice texture, yummy. To my suprise it wasn’t as crowded as I excepted…but the people are still as dumb and rude as ever. Tards.
We were also playing the stall games and for the bottle game, I almost had it standing! But it fell off the table!! I was so mad and sad XD I was so close and lucky too. It fell about three times but stayed on the table xD Har har. Later we played a squrting water game and my sister won a Guitar, a very crappy one and broke when we got home because she was trying to tune it. My poor coach bag feel on the ground yesterday it was really dirty..but I cleaned it.

Now that it ended I have nothing else to do besides my Kumon every day and maybe start working but I don’t know where to work. I was thinking of volunteering too but my sister won’t show me how it’s done because there might be more festivals that I’m not aware of xD And I don’t have to volunteer in Leadership alone.

My sister made vegan mochi tofu for lunch today. It was good. The texture was nice and it was crunchy when you first bite into it, you’ll notice the settlaty to it.  Oh no… I’m coughing again..and my nose is runny =( I’m getting sick again!! RAWR!! Not good. Oh yeah, yesterday I made a really quick bentou since we had to leave to catch our bus.  I made a tamago yaki and sasuage. I thought that the sasuage will take forever to boil so I put it in the microwave xD And my tamago yaki was first a crepe shaped..but I cut it into the shape of a tamago yaki so all was good xD

I’m still craving for Ice cream…=.= Oh yeah, when my mom came back from her trip she bought an apron for my sister. Of course it was hello kitty but it says kids apron XDD
Hmm, I was thinking of playing with sparklers beside the lake today but it’s raining. So sad.

Super Mario Galaxy/ Foods

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

DangoGuess what?
My sister and I unlocked Luigi xDD Yay!! Finally too, and apparently Luigi slides a lot. Much harder to control compared to Mario. I wonder the reason why the creators made it this way so they can annoy and torture us..=.=

And my sister says the bosses are the same, so it’s not really that hard but she says cosmic Luigi is smarter. Sorry Mario, apparently you’re dumb xDD Har har. I want the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack…but I don’t know where to buy it TT_TT I don’t really want to buy it online, too annoying and the stores here are useless. All the have are Jonas Brothers crap.
The asian stores here doesn’t have much stuff inside either. They have Naruto crap. Just my luck. Stupid stores, stupid people.

So today, for dinner my sister made Spanish tortilla. The potato was hard…and my sister said the one she tested was cooked but the rest were not. Har har, what a loser XD
I still want Takoyaki….is it that hard to ask for Takoyaki?!!! TT_TT

*sigh* I also really want to try Teppan Chicken Joana said it’s really good. My sister is trying out new things to make but she never touches fish. Like raw fish xDD Which is really sad because I’ve been craving Salmon for the past few days.

Burgers…Patties o.O

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

cute girlTwo days in a row my sister made me eat her patties/ burgers now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing I like eating them XD But I miss eating tamago-yaki and attempted fish shaped sausages, haha. She failed at trying to make it fish shaped XD XD Har har. I still want her to make takoyaki.

These past few days I’ve been obsessed with lucky star character songs. But most of them are bearable…just bearable there’s only one that I actually listen to all the way, it’s Kagami’s 100% xD  Konota’s song is really, really weird and it’s strange too because Aya is a good singer.  Bentou making isn’t the only thing she’s obsessed with…she’s been playing Super Mario Galaxy again trying to unlock Luigi and she won’t shut up about this person’s walk through videos T_T