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Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Twin starsWell, in May my friends and I went to the Anime convention that comes every once a year in the same month. By the way, this was my first time going and I did not cosplay XD No one wanted to cosplay with me so… And I was too lazy to do my hair and stuff.

As I thought about it more and more and since my friends are going to be cosplaying with me next year I’m going to make mine with them. I’m planning to go as Minato from Persona 3 and then I need to buy a wig and make it look exactly like his hair XD I hope that a wig cap comes with it though…. Hmmmm… Err.. About the festival..ish thing… I did get to buy some cool stuff. Most of the venders were from DA and I witness some people sing for Otafest idol…. And let’s say that was…a pretty…………cringe worthy moment…. There was also a fashion contest but we weren’t good at time management and missed it XD Haha. There was also a cosplaying contest and yay for Lightning!!! She was third place XD I’m honestly surprised that there was a lot of Durarara fans.
Of course knowing me, I am very picky. Some people didn’t even attempt to create the exact cosplay and there was so many people who were like that too. ..God. The most adorable thing however, was the baby Naruto XD As sad as it sounds, he was soo cutee!!! >__

Well… This is not really my full coverage but it’s close enough xD Har har.
Oh, school’s over!! Yay!!! *dances*