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O.o-What’s with the profile?/ Birthday

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I have no clue what is with the profile here. The top pictures are always gone O.o Only for certain ones that they’re still there. What the hell is going on? Hmm… I must ask a site..moderator person…later xD

Yes yes, it was indeed my birthday yesterday. I’m getting closer to turning into an adult!! Nuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahhh! I don’t want too! I want to stay as a strange immature kid!!! Wahh!!… My yearbook really sucks this year. Payed $30.00 dollars for it too. Tsk tsk. Well, I did went out to eat yesterday but to a place where I didn’t want to go. It was close and we could walk home so..meh. We went to Boston pizza and none of us could finish our whole plate, like always. I also got five french cakes!! They taste soooo good!! Oh my god. Especially the raseberry one, mmmmmmmmmmm xD I’ll post a pciture of it next time XD

By the way, the cakes from the French cafe cost $8.00 dollars per piece. Holy crap. Lately there’s this site that I always go to, to play cooking games xDD Some of them are really fun, while others are just..weird.
Site link: http://www.bratzgames.biz/category/Cooking-Games/1.html
There are other games too, like dress up games and star games (Whatever that is), but their not as fun.

For my birthday party we might go to a Laser tag place XD