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Top 10 Anime Girls 2009

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Since I made a Top 10 anime guys list, obviously I’ll make a girls list. Though.. Most of the girls in animes these days are very… How should I put it. Stupid. Though the animes this year I watched, there are exceptional ones at least.

1. Yuuko- xxxholic
I love her XDD Not only is she smart and sarcastic, her flaw in drinking matches the personality she has even more xD She gives small details for Watanuki to solve and she knows magic, haha. Even though she knows that she’s not as strong as that certain someone, she will still do whatever it takes to save Watanuki. So, she’s not as harsh as everyone thinks she is.

2. Maka- Soul Eater
I didn’t really like the anime as much as the manga, but Maka still kicks ass in both. She doesn’t need someone to come rescue her, her fighting style is very brutal and quick and she puts a lot of thought in planning out what moves to use, and what her enemy’s weakness is.

3. Nagato Yuki- Suzumiya Haruhi
Yes I still like Yuki after re-watching the Haruhi series. She is still the kick ass awesome Yuki ever. Even though she does vary in emotion wise, she’s awesome at fighting, and I don’t really think this anime is about characters growing. Just humor and sci-fi.

4. Haragi Kagami- Lucky Star
She is the smartest character in Lucky Star. Smart, hilarious, and sarcasm.

5. Izumi Konota- Lucky Star
She is pretty much a weird character to start with, funny as hell xD

6. Kallen- Code Geass
The only girl in Code Geass besides Leloch’s sister, that can pilot Nightmare. She is pretty smart I guess, but does not know common knowledge xDD She was pretty weak in the beginning but later on she kicked ass, but she still can’t beat the spin kicking Suzaku xD

7. Kagura
Haha, I forgot another character’s name. I only read Gintama if there’s nothing to do, so I’m not in it because I love it. Just because the light hearted humor and the characters draws me in. And thank god, the girl is not portrayed as a useless dumbass. Even though Gintama is all about comedy, I am glad that this girl is not used for fan service. She’s probably one of the strongest willed character in the anime, haha.

8. Karou- Rurouni Kenshin
She’s sooo cool. Yes, her fighting skills aren’t as great but at least she tries instead of standing there doing nothing. Because we all know, dojo girls are the coolest XD

9. ..The new witch that appeared, long purple hair…-Umineko
I know I don’t really like this anime, but she’s the only decent person that I actually like. Not cocky and not stupid, not annoying, she’s normal.

10. …Can’t think of one.

Blogg-Haricut xD Yay/ School/ weird animes

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Genis and PreseaJudging from my title, it’s obvious that I got a haircut, but we traveled all over China Town just to find one T_T Shessh, my sister is so picky. Why couldn’t we took the bus to Julie’s Mom place in Center Street then wasting our time. Well, the place where I went to wasn’t that bad, the lady that cut my hair was really nice, but I bet she thought I was a kid XDD The guy who washed my hair..hm… Made my head really hurt… I swear it’s like a soccer ball beating down on my head.

We also watched a movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was the signal most weirdest thing I’ve ever saw. The humor was funny but in a stupid way and it did poke fun at itself XD Haha. Though, for the candy store in China town, I think it should stock up more stuff. I want more sweets XDDD And of course after we go to China Town we’ll always get Bubble Tea and I drank Pudding Milk Tea again but this time it’s cold. I kind of like it hot more but maybe that day I was just thirsty.

Asian Sweetts

That’s the sanshoku dango I had a long time ago, I just updated it today just becuase I’m bored. Oh yeah, after the movie my dad came and drove us to eat but my sister complained again because we’re always going to the same place. But the place that we went to wasn’t better… The waiters and waitress are really bad. It took more than half an hour for them to notice us standing and another half an hour to take our order and it wasn’t even that busy. Bunch of morons.

For Physics I guess I’m getting the new Unit now, I just need to remember that normal force is only applied when you’re not in the air. Aside from that.. I REALLY can’t stand my class. I hate them all. They always try to act so smart, but does not know that gravity is always 9.81 m/s. What the hell? That’s basic knowledge you morons. What’s even worse is that the same morons are in my Chemistry class….T_T Great. First semester is going to end soon.. I still need to hand in my project.
We’re not really doing anything yet for Student Council except for Spirit Week but there are people in charge of that already, I don’t really have to do anything right now xD Buwahaha. Same for YVC, not much is going on either.
*sigh* This school year is so stressful, four core classes, work in Tuesday and Wednesday, Leadership/Student Council Tuesday, YVC/Yearbook Thursday, Kumon on Sunday etc etc. Holy crap… And I really do need to volunteer more. I’m thinking of doing reading buddies with my friends too.

The other day my sister was on Metanorn and apparently there’s this anime that’s like watching a drug or something, haha. It looks unappealing and stupid since there’s a real life thing and anime thing. Hmm… There’s also a lot of fan service now, for almost every fricken page there’s a girl’s shirt that got ripped. Idiots. Degrading girls for 99.99% of the animes this year.

Top 10 Anime Guys 2009

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

..Since I’m bored.. I’m going to start blogging about the anime guys in 2008 that are just great to me XD About time too..I’ve been watching anime for how many years. Hmm..

1. Sebastien-Kuroshitsuji
Well, to put it simply. He’s just awesome I can’t describe him much more than that. In every possibly way he’s just perfect, a bit too perfect, he also has variety of emotions and he’s limited when he fights. In which he doesn’t always win, even though he is perfect.

2. Ciel Phantomhive-Kuroshitsuji
There is just too many things that I love about him. First, he’s not you typical nice character in typical anime. He’s not Mary-sue and he’s not your typical shota boy. He’s beyond that of a shota, xD. A mature thirteen year old kid, that faced death and knew how it felt to die. So instead of being forgiving he pledge to get revenge, no, not for his parents but for himself. Yes, he is selfish, spoiled and what not but that’s for him to grow. Which is is doing.

3. Death the kid-Soul Eater
..He’s hilarious XD All his symmetry and striving to be perfect. Also his fighting skills are top notch.

4. Mikage-07 Ghost
Even though I don’t know much about him, he is a strong character. A bit too strong since they didn’t show his faults, in other words his bad side. But he was smiling till his death; if that’s not courage than I don’t know what is. I hope everyone can be as strong as him.

5. Setsuna F. Seiei-00 Gundam
I’m actually surprised that he is one of the softest gundam pilots besides, Tiarra in the second season. Not that it’s a bad thing since that is why I’m hinting it that he soften up his character and made me like him more. Not just showing a stone like personality every time. And plus, you gotta love his quote; “I’m a Gundam.” It works every time.

6. Allen Walker-Dgrayman
Aww, my favorite character dropped to number 6. Even though I might not like the manga as much now, I still love Allen’s maturity for his level of age and his soft side. He is the nicest character in any anime. The first who ever wanted to save someone who tried to kill him.

7. Erde Tieria-00 Gundam
Another growth character, actually he’s the most surprising. He was always such an ass that I hardly payed any attention him. But then in the second season, it blew me away XD

8. Leloch-Code Geass
..Yes his fashion sense is horrible, but he’s the only one who does not discriminate others nor is racist to anyone in the entire anime. Plus, he tried to change the world, sure at first it seems like they are trying to pull a Light but Leloch is much softer than any actually think he is.

9. Suzaku-Code Geass
…XD You gotta love his spin kick and big glasses.

10. ….The glasses guy in Blood+
Damn. I can’t believe I forgot his name XD But he’s just funny…