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Shopping/ Sweets/ O.o

DangoBoston Pizza seems to be very busy today, and whenever I go there with my mom and sister, there’s always a birthday party.
What the hell…. It’s kind of creepy, and there’s better places to have birthday parties BESIDES Boston Pizza. I went here with my friend and we were trying to race to see who finish eating first xD Just kidding, we didn’t do that but I guess we’re half arse racing. My sister’s pizza cost $25.00 O.O Holy crap xD Such an expensive Pizza and I tried it with whole wheat. It didn’t taste much different from the normal kind we always get. Then we walked to the strip mall because Block buster was there, after I dropped off my friend to the bus stop and went in some other shops and apparently when I met up with my mother and sister again, she bought wine…

Today my dad friend bought these Chinese Sweets at a Chinese bakery xD One is called “Wife cookie” and the other is I don’t know.. But yeah, it’s the one I’m eating right now. The filling inside is very good, taste great when you first bite into it.

Sweet thing

I rented The Adventure of Zack and Wiki again, haha and this time, I’ll make sure to play it extra long! Except for the days that I’m playing my new game that I bought, Radiata Stories on PS2, it’s pretty fun. The dialogue is funny but the music sounds sooo cheesy, haha.

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  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    Looks pretty yummy.^_^

  2. swt_hankoteki-chan:mymelody.com Says:

    Haha, I know eh?

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