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Bubble tea/ New animes/ Blah blah

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

BearsYes yes, my mother bought me bubble tea today xDD Chocolate Milk Tea, I think that’s what it’s called. The chocolates are not mashed together, it’s smooth, and has a very nice texture to it.

Bubble Tea

The first Summer 2009 anime I watched was Needless… I like the opening more than the ending. Even though both the ending and opening screams fan service but it’s more artistically made for the opening xDD There’s also this other one about sea people I think, it was a very soothing song, I like it..but the opening’s weird. I also started watching Umineko, very cool……..but getting kind of stupid.

Yay, tomorrow I’m going to a wedding! XDD I finally have something to do! XD

Neon Genesis Evangelion Review

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

CandyyGuess what? I finally finished watching Neon Genesis, I would have completed it in a day but my sister hogged the computer just because she’s watching her Gundam 00. Here’s a word that describes the whole anime… Creepy. Example: There’s beautiful classical pieces playing in the back ground, with the most mind raping scenes occurring. Everyone in the show has their own flaws and faults, people trying to act like god, trying too hard, wanting to be noticed.
When I got to episode 25, I was getting kind of scared. During the first few minutes Shinji’s already losing it. It was another creepy mind raping episode. I just couldn’t take anymore of that…not that it’s boring but some of it doesn’t make sense. His Eva has the soul of his mother, correct? But once they pull all of these random christian things in, it just throws me off balance. Throughout the whole anime, Shinji just wanted to be known. To be happy and wants to know what it’s like to feel accepted by others, he wanted to feel love. I almost cried when Shinji finally notice but couldn’t do anything since he figured that he can’t do anything. He’s a kid after all and piloting his Eva makes him escape reality. I feel so bad for Shinji.

Hm…I still don’t get why everyone seems to hate Shinji. Either their ignorant or are just morons. I guess Rei kind of redeemed herself from always putting herself in front lines, or at least tries to, but she can’t really do much… When she does…she always ends up badly injured. Yeah.. Well moving on…The moral of this anime is obviously clear. To just be you and not fear anything, also knowing the difference between reality and fantasy. Shinji fears to be hated, as well as Asuka. Rei fears that she won’t be accepted and Misato fears hate. That’s how humans are, you can’t change humanity. You don’t need anything to be happy, just the things around you. Thus stating, for Shinji’s case, he doesn’t need Eva to be happy, he just needs people who accepts him to get rid of his depression. Same goes for Asuka, she uses her Eva to escape reality also, that a twist of cruel fate fell on her mother.
Though I have to admit… Episode 21 or something and the last episodes, is seriously….the most scariest thing I have ever seen. More scary than Kuroshitsuji. So many disturbing scenes mashing together all at once, images that makes you go, “what the fuck.”

There’s still one thing that left a huge plot hole………………………………………… The Adam was there for what purpose? I really don’t get why they have to put random Christianity things right at the important parts too. I don’t get it… Why must they do this to me?!! Oh why cruel world?! Any who, glad to see a personality change in Rei xDD For a brief moment.
Also… The movies, why were they made again but I really loved the Violin version of the opening.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

*Vulgar language hints

The long awaited event is finally taking place….. Since I’m not doing much this summer, because my mom cancel the trip to Europe I have nothing better to do than play games and watch anime. So I decided to watch the master piece of all anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion xD Obviously from the title..
It’s pretty much mind rape for every episode, starting right from the beginning of this whole thing. You practically have to think about killing and what you’re going to do next piloting the Eva. I think that they made a 14 year old pilot to make it even more of a disturbing anime… Creepy. creepy. creepy…
Moving on to Rei, even though you get to know more about her in Episode 5, I’m really starting to dislike her. She doesn’t even know much about Shinji’s father, yet she had the nerve to go slap Shinji. What the hell. Just because you like him, does not justify the things he does is right. Here I thought she’ll have the Yuki personality, she does but in a sense a more blatant way of describing her, she’s an arse. Also, what’s the deal with Shinji’s father? He shouldn’t be labeled as a father anyway, seeing how horrible he is. He calls his son useless when Shinji, of all people was the first one to pilot an Eva. Have Rei ever pilot an Eva successfully? No. She hasn’t and he runs up to save her but not giving a shit about his own fucking son. The more screen time Rei and Shinji’s “dad” appears in, the more pissed off I’ll get. I don’t get why people despise Shinji but not Rei. Seriously, and by the way, if Shinji never saw Rei all bangle up from the Eva, he wouldn’t even pilot that mind raping machine at all. He did that to save her and all she could repay him is a bitch slap. Shessh.

Also, for Radiata Stories, I’m finally at the final boss but still no full review of this game yet because I got owned…badly too xD I’m also close to the end for Zack and Wiki.

Games and more games

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

It’s nearing to my last days of Summer and I want to at least accomplish something this year. Since I’m half way finished Radiata Stories I might as well beat it, and it will be something that I’m proud of for the next two or three days xDD There are some things that I want to complain about…
I know that Jack is the main character, but like any other games you can play as something else. Like; Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Abyss, Star Ocean, Tales of Innocence, and etc. It’s only important to use the main characters for important Boss Battles, but you can play as someone else for entertainment and fun. In Radiata Stories you can’t. Which is kind of depressing. I would like to play as a Light Elf because it seems like it’s oh so fun. Especially if you’re Gil xD
Recently, I’ve been reading spoilers for this game… I know it’s bad, but I can’t help myself there are some things I’m mad about and no it’s not because the ending is bad. It’s because the fandom can’t except change.
All in all, it’s alright I loved King Algandars boss battle, it was really exciting xD The music was also very well done too, right at the most dramatic part it accerlated you right until you beat him. Which isn’t very long… I think this boss battle lasted two minutes? Haha xDD

Now, on to The Adventure of Zack and Wiki, it’s soo much fun! Too bad I was stuck at such a stupid part T_T The puzzles are easy in a ill manner way…O.o Err… Scratch that………….. The humor for this game fills you with laughter and makes you crack a smile even if you’re cranky. Seriously, they’re pretty funny, haha.
Ah…but I’m stuck at another part, Keeper of the ice, that thing is so annoying T_T

Shopping/ Sweets/ O.o

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

DangoBoston Pizza seems to be very busy today, and whenever I go there with my mom and sister, there’s always a birthday party.
What the hell…. It’s kind of creepy, and there’s better places to have birthday parties BESIDES Boston Pizza. I went here with my friend and we were trying to race to see who finish eating first xD Just kidding, we didn’t do that but I guess we’re half arse racing. My sister’s pizza cost $25.00 O.O Holy crap xD Such an expensive Pizza and I tried it with whole wheat. It didn’t taste much different from the normal kind we always get. Then we walked to the strip mall because Block buster was there, after I dropped off my friend to the bus stop and went in some other shops and apparently when I met up with my mother and sister again, she bought wine…

Today my dad friend bought these Chinese Sweets at a Chinese bakery xD One is called “Wife cookie” and the other is I don’t know.. But yeah, it’s the one I’m eating right now. The filling inside is very good, taste great when you first bite into it.

Sweet thing

I rented The Adventure of Zack and Wiki again, haha and this time, I’ll make sure to play it extra long! Except for the days that I’m playing my new game that I bought, Radiata Stories on PS2, it’s pretty fun. The dialogue is funny but the music sounds sooo cheesy, haha.