Envoy from the dark abyss.

Muwahaha =/ Hmmm…


I’m feeling a little bit better, I love taking my banana medicine xD I look forward to it every four hours. Today I went out with my mom because I had nothing better to do. I thought we were going to Chinook because she said she’s going to be buy me a ps3… But she said next month is better. But she didn’t give me the reason why, anyway, she also got a hair cut (Which is really weird XDD) and dyed her hair purply red. No more white hair XDD Har har. The total cost is $165.00 dollars….wow. More expensive than my puma shoes O.o

Oh! Guess what I made today…
Mitarashi Dango!!
Haha, actually my sister made it I helped. I made the perfect dango near the left edge, all small and pretty looking xD And our sisterly phones, aren’t they pretty together?……………..*ahem*
WELL… The Dango..has no taste in the middle XD But the sauce is good. I came up with a idea to upload my pictures on my phone and putting them on my blog. But…it didn’t turn out so well, sadly. Just because my phone wouldn’t let my pictures upload on the computer..stupid thing. I wonder if Dango is a dessert or considered as something else o.O

Here’s the list of things to do this summer:

1. Finish all of my Kumon…

2. Ps3 XD

 3. Learn to cook

4. Go work somewhere

5. xxxholic box set

Errr…… I want to get that cool phone that Joana showed me TT_TT But it’s not out yet… Oh! I finished Lucky Star! Yay! *claps* I watched the OVA..doesn’t make any sense.