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Kuroshitsuji anime review

Oh, I finished watching it in one day xD

Haha, I forgot to write about Kuroshitsuji. Okay, besides on the fact that the plot is twisted in so many ways the anime did fell a butt stomp of expectations. Even though I watch the anime first and than read the manga. I do have a bias relationship about anime and manga but the manga for Kuroshitsuji showed more weak points in Sebastian opposed to the anime. Where he hardly showed any except on some occasions. Personality is always important and if they have none, the plot and development will go nowhere. Anyway, it is a fitting end but pretty obvious and Ciel didn’t really get his revenge. He wanted revenge on the people who hurt him not to the people who killed his mother and father. So they practically killed Ciel’s whole ideal there.

..And now their going to make a second season. When Ciel died…hm. I wonder how they’re going to pull that out.

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  1. 許・美美 Says:

    I didn’t know there would be a second season…

    I like the manga better than the anime. It’s a little weird that there’s a fallen angel in the plot of the anime.

    Would the people who hurt him be the same people who killed his mom and dad?

  2. swt_hankoteki-chan:mymelody.com Says:

    Exactly my thoughts!

    The fallen angels thing was corny and off plot to me. It doesn’t really relate to Ciel and what he’s feeling. I don’t think so.. Because judging from the manga it seems like he was sold to a place or some sort.

  3. swt_hankoteki-chan:mymelody.com Says:

    Yes, there is going to be a second season. Check animenewsnetwork for more details.

  4. 許・美美 Says:

    It was a little off, I agree… I’d also think the people who are part of the occult are the one he really should be taking his revenge from.

    I’ll write about this too. Thank you for the information! :)

  5. swt_hankoteki-chan:mymelody.com Says:

    Oh, I see I’m sorry,

    You’re Welcome ^-^

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