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Cream Puff

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


Yesterday I went to T & T to buy ingredients to make dango. Apparently we found the flour but they weren’t that great…=/
But we still made it anyway. I wanted to make Sanshoku Dango instead of Mitarashi Dango but then my sister said it was easier to make Mitarashi Dango or something like that. It was also very windy yesterday…annoying winds. I wanted to drink Bubble tea even though the ones at T & T aren’t that great..it was SOO HOT I wanted something cold. But she said it’s bad for my throat…

Cream puff

This is the second time I bought a chocolate cream puff. The first time I didn’t eat it because my friend was hungry and I gave it to her. Even though it was squished in my backpack XD It was still edible. And Konota is right.. It does look like someone’s behind XDD

Muwahaha =/ Hmmm…

Saturday, June 27th, 2009


I’m feeling a little bit better, I love taking my banana medicine xD I look forward to it every four hours. Today I went out with my mom because I had nothing better to do. I thought we were going to Chinook because she said she’s going to be buy me a ps3… But she said next month is better. But she didn’t give me the reason why, anyway, she also got a hair cut (Which is really weird XDD) and dyed her hair purply red. No more white hair XDD Har har. The total cost is $165.00 dollars….wow. More expensive than my puma shoes O.o

Oh! Guess what I made today…
Mitarashi Dango!!
Haha, actually my sister made it I helped. I made the perfect dango near the left edge, all small and pretty looking xD And our sisterly phones, aren’t they pretty together?……………..*ahem*
WELL… The Dango..has no taste in the middle XD But the sauce is good. I came up with a idea to upload my pictures on my phone and putting them on my blog. But…it didn’t turn out so well, sadly. Just because my phone wouldn’t let my pictures upload on the computer..stupid thing. I wonder if Dango is a dessert or considered as something else o.O

Here’s the list of things to do this summer:

1. Finish all of my Kumon…

2. Ps3 XD

 3. Learn to cook

4. Go work somewhere

5. xxxholic box set

Errr…… I want to get that cool phone that Joana showed me TT_TT But it’s not out yet… Oh! I finished Lucky Star! Yay! *claps* I watched the OVA..doesn’t make any sense.

R.I.P-Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Even though I don’t really listen to his songs that much, I know he did do a lot. I love Thriller and his dance moves. He will not always be my favorite or the one that I always listen to but he will always be the King of Pop.


Klavier and Apollo XD

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Candace Oh my god XD While I myself am a KlavierxApollo fan I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off when they showed it in Lucky Star XDD It was just that funny! I don’t know why XD

Tamura drew pictures of Klavier and Apollo they were cute. I wonder if she’s going to draw them..doing stuff. Since she draws those stuff about her friends XDD
Oh and my kitchen island is finally done. We can start cooking again!!
This summer I have an affinity for cooking desserts now o.O And maybe try making my own bentou.

Kuroshitsuji anime review

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Oh, I finished watching it in one day xD

Haha, I forgot to write about Kuroshitsuji. Okay, besides on the fact that the plot is twisted in so many ways the anime did fell a butt stomp of expectations. Even though I watch the anime first and than read the manga. I do have a bias relationship about anime and manga but the manga for Kuroshitsuji showed more weak points in Sebastian opposed to the anime. Where he hardly showed any except on some occasions. Personality is always important and if they have none, the plot and development will go nowhere. Anyway, it is a fitting end but pretty obvious and Ciel didn’t really get his revenge. He wanted revenge on the people who hurt him not to the people who killed his mother and father. So they practically killed Ciel’s whole ideal there.

..And now their going to make a second season. When Ciel died…hm. I wonder how they’re going to pull that out.


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

…I’m really sick right now. Well, only a stuffy nose and a bad cough other than that I can live. .. Unfortunately for my sister XD Muwahahaha.
Ah, since I was sick today I had to go to the doctor for a check up so he can subscribe what medicine to make me eat. It was really annoying, had to wait for 45 minutes just to get inside and the check up lasted not even two minutes! Gah! T_T I also went to T-pot today and the service was worse than ever.

Hmm… Two days ago I went to Block buster with my sister. We were planning to get a game and movie but there was no good blue ray movies so we just got two games, and of course I picked it because the Wii is mine XDD There’s mostly games that I’ve already played…I saw Call of Duty too! I wanted to rent it but my sister wouldn’t let me =.=
I ended up renting Cooking Mama 3D and The Adventure of Zack and Wiki.

Cooking Mama came with a guide book… Don’t know why..but it did. And that Chococat was suppose to be my bus pass! But my sister took it from me to store her leads. CookingMama and the other game needs a lot of Wii controls. Not that it’s not fun but it hurts XD Especially if you’re trying to do things fast becasue you’re timed and all. My favorite thing to make right now is probably the Elcair.

The cream for the custard is interesting… My sister brought it up out of random when she came back from school today XD Like…ten or so minutes ago.
Ugh. Zack and Wiki is soo hard! I’m stuck on the second dungeon! I can’t believe it!

Ohh! I’m on episode 17 for Lucky Star! Just 7 episodes to go xD But I’m kind of re-watching some of the episodes because I missed some parts.
I also went to eat Sushi with Jessica yesterday at Sakana Grill. We were originally going to eat at Sushi Kai but it wasn’t open. Our whole thing was $51.64….. It’s not that much..but for two people…wow. I’ll have to remind Jessica to not eat a lot….and be full becuase we almost had left overs. The Yakiniku for Sakana Grill doesn’t taste anything like BBq…hmmm….
Whatever. Jessica did want desserts so I showed her the way to the French Cafe or French Cake shop…but it wasn’t open. I found that out after we got there T_T So we decided to just go to T & T arcade and play some games before we go home. Yup…and my right arm ended hurting for the whole day. Thanks to Jessica and her Air hockey =.=”

Oh.. And I saw Stacie at the C-train yesterday too. She was a week and two days late  congratulating my birthday…

Happy Father’s day!..Good news

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Even though I didn’t get anything for my dad XD Har har… *cough* Anyway I got three 80’s on my kumon XD… And well… let’s just say I passed a very important class that I was very worried about..and I studied for three days before the final exam. Yoosh!

Library trip/ Sushi/ Yay..

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Presea(TOS)Today I had to wake up at eight because my mom leaves the house to go work and I had to leave with her because I had to drop my Art Journal for my teacher to mark. Why do I have to wake up so early…stupid people..grrr and by the way, school’s over and it’s exam week. Everyone’s cramming their studies in the library yesterday for the Math final xD I met Angela there too, she was supposedly studying for Biology but Lisa and Andrew, whom by the way I hate. Stupid Andrew made Angela cry three days ago…T_T Idiot, he says that going outside would make him sweat so he stayed inside…anyway, were not there so she half studied for her Chemistry diploma. Since she says that diploma is more important than her Biology exam, har har.
Err… Today I finally went to the Central library and borrowed three books and two dvds. For once, because I would usually go to school or the library near my place but both of the places didn’t have what I was looking for, and that kind of made me mad so, I decided to give the Central library a shot. I did find the dvd I was looking for, yay! But no key…T_T

 Library booksMy melody

Har har, my sister wanted to test her Cantonese skills, so she used my library card and made me choose books for her. So far, she said the purple book in the front is easy, but once she starts reading…she doesn’t know two words in the first sentence XD HAHAHHA!! Funny.
And that’s my sister’s cell phone in the other picture, look! She has a yellow My Melody xD And attached to My Melody is this balls of chain with a heart. She also has a sandal..

Well, I went to out to eat, of course. Since we were both hungry and stayed at the library for two hours or so waiting for our mom to come to downtown. We ordered about six plates of food and it only cost $56.61, I guess Sushi Kai is less expensive then Sakana Grill because of competition?… I finally got to eat Takoyaki again!!!
Mmhmm, it came out sizzling too and the flakes made it look like it’s alive and Wendy finally got to eat her Popcorn roll… It was interesting…in a good way. I tried Soba today too, and yes, I made my soba wrong. Their soba sauce was more settle? O.o Hmm.. I just know that the sauce was different from the way I made mine.

I finally started watching Lucky Star..yes, it’s weird. No plot, no development but hey, it’s crack. I guess it focus on real life……………………………………….realistic stuff I mean.. Yeah.

O.o-What’s with the profile?/ Birthday

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I have no clue what is with the profile here. The top pictures are always gone O.o Only for certain ones that they’re still there. What the hell is going on? Hmm… I must ask a site..moderator person…later xD

Yes yes, it was indeed my birthday yesterday. I’m getting closer to turning into an adult!! Nuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahhh! I don’t want too! I want to stay as a strange immature kid!!! Wahh!!… My yearbook really sucks this year. Payed $30.00 dollars for it too. Tsk tsk. Well, I did went out to eat yesterday but to a place where I didn’t want to go. It was close and we could walk home so..meh. We went to Boston pizza and none of us could finish our whole plate, like always. I also got five french cakes!! They taste soooo good!! Oh my god. Especially the raseberry one, mmmmmmmmmmm xD I’ll post a pciture of it next time XD

By the way, the cakes from the French cafe cost $8.00 dollars per piece. Holy crap. Lately there’s this site that I always go to, to play cooking games xDD Some of them are really fun, while others are just..weird.
Site link: http://www.bratzgames.biz/category/Cooking-Games/1.html
There are other games too, like dress up games and star games (Whatever that is), but their not as fun.

For my birthday party we might go to a Laser tag place XD

Britain’s Got Talent Winner!

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Genis and MithosOh my god!!! Diversity won!! I’m so happy for them!! ^-^ Now they finally have money for their university fees.Their final performance was mind blowing. Oh my god. It was the most amazing thing besides George Sampson’s ingenious idea to dance in the rain inside XD
Man. This year, there were so many amazing people. Makes me feel ashamed of myself xD Ha ha…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtwVfJqBfms <<Diversity Final