adventures in HKO!

About PinkSprinkles

I’m Stephanie. Lil cupcake I am the blogger of this…blog. I’m 25, I live in Virginia, USA. I have a cockatiel named Tutter and a cat named Bunny. I obviously love Sanrio characters. I also love anything Kawaii!! I love Q-lia, Pool Cool, San X, and Cram Cream!! I love Japanese street fashion and culture. I love hard rock/metal. I love to read. I also love architectural history, animals, holistic medicine, real estate, religion and politics.

If you have read my blog or are reading this..thanks very much for wasting some of your precious time on me. Heh. *wink*

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This is Tutter

My birdy, Tutter

This is Bunny

My kitty, Bunny

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