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My Sparkling Garden Nails

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

More nail art this week. Still Konad this time :P

I was really happy with the results. I started with a really pretty light pink from essence which I put on another glitter coat called “Space Queen” also by essence. Then I stamped on flower designs in green, and this time I actually tried putting rhinestones on. They never last, but its fun while they do anyways :D

I used image plates m82



My Sassy Spring Nails

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

Spring’s almost over, I know. I had done my nails a few weeks ago with Konad, and I found this a really fun design to do.

I had used the image plates m83 and m84








Finished lucky star anime

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com


After months of stalling (like always) i have finally finished the lucky star anime. I was surprised because the whole reason why i have been stalling is firstly cos i’ve been extremely busy (i cant even write blog posts like i used to anymore), and i thought lucky star would be an anime with a million episodes. It doesn’t have a real story line, so i thought it would probably go on forever, but little did i know, it only had 24 episodes!!!

Oh my gosh, but it was really great to watch when you’re really bored and. You need time to waste. You could literally start anywhere in the anime and enjoy it just as much as watching in chronological order, because its really random.

They make a lot of references to “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and the main character, Konata is an otaku (Japanese manga and anime junkie) who makes a lot of references to different animes, but they make specific references to haruhi cos its made from the same company that made that anime.

I kind of do wish there were still more episodes though, becuse it really keeps your mind off of stuff and its really funny. Anyways, I really loved it, and I definitely recommend it for people who are bored easily and have nothing to do. :P

Living in Switzerland Vevey

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

Of all the 3 years of living here, I realized I never really made a proper post on the place I lived in… Huh… Funny :P Well, I’m really lazy, and it takes me time to upload the photos, because a lot of the original photos I take from my camera are too big to big uploaded, so I have to resize the image which takes a lot of time =_=”

ANYWAYS, so of all the 3 years I’ve missed of blogging this beautiful place, I will start with the photos from 3 years ago, when I first arrived…

When I first arrived here, it was during the winter, so the winter of 2009, this was the view from our backyard


The snow here is quite peculiar. When we tried to make snowmen, while rolling the snow, the snow rolled up like a paper poster!!! It was really crispy, and it came out as a cylinder…


And we could stand on them~ ^_^d That’s me, like 3 years ago, and when I look at it, I looked so small!!!!


This is another photo taken that same day, but the sky was much prettier :)


We often go skiing at a little ski place near in Vevey called “Les Paccots” where we do all our skiing.


Further down the community where we were, there is a little square in Vevey called “La Place du Marché” which every Saturday morning there is a market that goes until the afternoon where they basically sell… well, market food :)


This is the view from our house during the summer.


Down in Vevey, there is the alimentarium (A food museum) that is a museum on food! xD And they put a giant fork in the lake as their kind of icon


Across Lac Leman from Switzerland, you can see Evian in France. It takes about an hour and a half boat trip to go across to France, but some people have actually SWIMED ACROSS.


Boats docked in Vevey


View from the alimentarium


This is the view from the other side of the lake from France looking out to Switzerland. It’s kind of funny, because the people in Switzerland are so used to a certain view from Switzerland, we never really think about what the other side looks like because all our lives we’ve seen the same thing every day, but it looks totally different from the other side.


The lake looks AMAZING, from the highway, it’s hard not to keep your eyes off of it, even though… It is the highway :P :P This is the view you can see from the highway.


Last summer, there were some really pretty trees growing in Vevey. I don’t know what kind of trees they are, they’re not cherry blossoms thats for sure :P


Towards the East, there is Montreux, which is 15 minute drive from Vevey. It’s another city, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Cities here are really close, and I don’t even treat them like different cities. Here’s the view of Lac Leman from Montreux



Last Summer, I was with some friends and we sat on the rocks by the lake :) lol, sorry I had to blur the faces, cos I don’t know if my friend would want her face here to the public. :)

You can see France across the water


My friend and I~ (I’m the one in purple)


Kayakers. I went kayaking with my friends last summer too. It was really early in the morning, and the lake was freezing, but I had so much fun, I jumped in the freezing water, but it was surprisingly warm! And then all my friends followed in, and we stayed in the water all that morning. :)


Another friend, and I ^_^d



LOL, I watched a lot of “AIR” the anime that Summer. :P :P :P



You can see Valais, another canton of Switzerland on the East.


Charlie Chaplin is very big in Switzerland because he lived here, even though he’s American. He’s really famous and Switzerland has a big obsession about him here.


There are hot springs up in Lavey les Bains


Every year, we take a hike up to Mount Pelerin, which I’m really looking forward to this year :) There are mountains EVERYWHERE, and hiking trails aren’t hard to find.

Switzerland is known for it’s milk and their cows. You can find cows everywhere especially when you hike. A lot of people keep sheep in their backyards and you see a lot of them when you drive around. We suspect it’s for grazing and their alternatives to cutting their grass? Well, sheep are found in a lot of gardens and back yards, and neighbours around the community keep temporary sheep in the back.


The view of houses from Mount Pelerin. Vevey is a little village. We basically live in a village in other words.


Lausanne is another city towards the West of Switzerland, a bit closer to the capital, Bern. Lausanne isn’t nearly as pretty. It’s downtown and all just a city. You can still go to the lake from Lausanne, but it takes quite a while compared to Vevey, because Vevey is all about the lake. But if you want more shops and shopping, Lausanne is definitely the place to be.




Anyways, this is most of Vevey in Switzerland for you during the 3 years I’ve been here. :) Hope you found Switzerland a really beautiful place, because I sure did and I never get tired of it ^_^d

Thanks for readinggg~~~

My Kawaii Jap nails- Konad

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

This week I used Konad stamping nail art to do my nails again~~~~ ^_^d

My dad brought back a whole bunch of stuff from Hong Kong and I especially asked for Konad stuff, cos it’s amazing~~~

Everytime I blog about Konad, I seem to need to explain what it is every time :P :P :P :P :P

So BASICALLY, it’s a nail art kit that makes your life a million times more simpler… It’s in other words, a stamp. You have these image plates, and then you put polish over it and scrape the excess polish off and then you have this stamper to pick up the image off the plate and transfer on to your nails. Does that make sense? It never does, when I try to explain it to ppl :P

Ok, if you really don’t understand what it is, just go here (Skip the first thirty seconds, cos the lady’s voice is so annoying :P):


ANYWAYS, so I had asked him to bring me back the image plate S9, which is the plate with the really kawaii Japanese designs on it, which looks like this:


I was really excited, and I’m not so good with Konad cos I always end up smudging it or something really stupid like that but I was extremely proud of myself because I was able to be PATIENT, I didn’t smudge it, and I didn’t have to redo a nail at all~~~~~~~~~~



Isn’t it so cute??????


Anyways, so those are my nails this week. I got a whole bunch of new image plates that I am really excited to use. :) So you’ll probably be seeing a lot more Konad posts from me soon~~~~


Hellokitty Gingerbreadhouse

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

I made this from a kit a friend of mine tried really really hard to win for me. It was this competition at schl that whoever could do this crossword puzzle the fastest by the end of the day they would win this DIY Hello Kitty gingerbread house.

He tried so hard to get if for me, I’m so touched c’: He also wasted a lot of money for me… I’m so guilty… xD I don’t know how many times he payed to play but it was quite a lot… X_X”"


Well yeah, in the end he did end up winning it and gave it to me :)

I’ve actually had this thing since December…. And I only managed to actually get around to actually making it THIS WEEK… I haven’t had time these days, and I’ve been stalling to make the icing too… It’s not hard to make, the icing, it’s just I’ve been so busy lately… =.=”


I have been waiting for so long to finally make it, and well….. It didn’t really turn out as well as I hoped it would be :(



Before you say anything… YES I KNOW, IT’S EXTREMELY HIDEOUS… I was really really disappointed with how it turned out… And yes I know, in the end it doesn’t matter cos I was gonna end up eating it, but I really wanted to put a real effort in it and make it really beautiful because my friend tried so hard to get if for me…


It actually was SOOO BEAUTIFUL when I started, it was like perfect… But unfortunately…. It didn’t last, cos after I stuck them together and started to decorate, it started FALLING APARTTTTT!!!!!!!! :’( :( I wanted to cryyyyyy =_=”"

All my hard work was wasted cos it started falling down and the gables wouldn’t stick, and the extra pieces they gave to me kept sliding down… I MEAN LOOK AT IT!!


those pieces at the bottom were at the top before, but over night they slid to the bottom and “uglified” the top like as if someone carelessly slapped icing on which I DID NOTTTTTT…. They just slid and I didn’t know how to keep it from sliding….

It’s not that bad is it???


Sigh, maybe it is… It looks really messy, and icing is all over Hello kitty’s face and everywhere where it shouldn’t be… It was all cos it kept falling down. X_X”"”


Sigh… oh well, it was still fun, at the beginning? xDDDD It tastes good, and I love it more than ever. I just wish it looked a bit more attractive =_=”

It’s super special to me, and I love it to bits~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks for reading~


My Konad Black Lace Nails

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

My nails this week, I decided to go with stamping nail art, with the design of black lace.



Do you find it creepy???? My mom does :P She hates it xD I’m not particularly good with Konad stamping. I always end up messing it up somehow either smudging or aiming, but I found this youtube video by Meliney who does both classic and Konad nail art. I love her Konad videos, because she takes nail art and stamping to a whole new level. Her ideas are way beyond what I can imagine, they’re really unique, complicated and designs that are just incredible and look extremely hard to do!!!

If you don’t know what Konad is, it’s basically nail art made much easier for you. It’s stamps that you can stamp images on your nails, and as simple as it is, it’s super fun to use and the results look amazing.


Normally, I am not really the type to do this kind of design. Gothic stuff or anything like that. I just thought it would be really great to practice my aiming skills with the stamper, as I am absolutely horrible at it.

You can check out the video I used for inspiration and basically tried to do just a little bit more differently here:



I used image plate number M57, by Konad.


I really loved how the results came out, as I always have to do a million trials to get it right, and surprisingly I got it right the FIRST TIME!!!

So I decided to keep it, even though it freaked people out :P :P :P

Thanks for reading!!


My Nautical Nails

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

This week’s nails, are nautical nails inspired by Cutepolish! ^_^




I took the photo of my nails with my sailor blouse I sewed last summer. :)

Here’s the video CutePolish made on youtube in case you want to see it:


Thanks for reading!


Lent’s over-Back to Chocolate!

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

As some of you may know, I have been giving up chocolate for lent.

(I know this is a really late post as lent ended several days ago)

I seemed to have missed a whole bunch of pictures to take of the chocolate I’ve had to miss.. But believe me, there was A LOT, and I found it extremely difficult, but I’m glad I went through with it. ^_^d

Here are the photos that I did take quite a while ago anyways, in case if you wanted to know anyways (Not that you’d really be interested:P)

Challenge # 13

Chocolate Easter eggs at church. Couldn’t eat them, but I took some home in my pocket to stuff in my mouth when lent was over xD


Challenge #14

For the vacation, we went to EGYPT, and of course, the night we arrived, there just HAD to be a Chocolate buffet going on. :P I was very sad because they had a beautiful black forest cake that looked so delicious that unfortunately I couldn’t eat >_<


Not much of a chocolate mousse fan.. Still took the picture anyways :P


After 2 months of no chocolate, the first thing that I picked up to eat after lent was a waffle with chocolate sauce!!!!!!!!!! ^_^d


It felt so weird eating chocolate again. I was hesitating slightly to eat the waffle, and it was as if I was eating something completely strange!!!

Chocolate was definitely a difficult  thing to give up for lent, but it was all worth it in the end!!! My brother chose coke which is quite easy because not a lot of things are made out of coke except coke. =.=”

Maybe I could try choosing something a bit easier next year?

Well, thanks for reading!~~ As you may have noticed, I’ve been getting really lazy with my blogging lately. I will try to catch up more, but you know, my posts are kind of diminishing aren’t they?



My Lent Challenge #12

by sweet_strawberries96:hellokitty.com

My friend’s Sweet sixteen, and of course her cake just had to be a triple layered chocolate cake :P :P :P


It looked delicious, but I couldn’t eat it of course, since I’ve given up chocolate for lent. But that’s okay~ It’s going to be all worth it in the end :)



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