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Cool Down Time

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

been so busy with Kitty’s birthday events so i think a short break is okay :D

what do you when you have a break? take pictures of course! :P

just trying out some clothes..


my current look, thank you Zeronos, sonik and Hello_Kitty.


dreamset!! poor eagles hee hee


cutesy cutesy.. i love flowers!


mia the school teacher? lol


Mmmm.. green! 0=)


being unproductive in my unproductive farm xD

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Woke up with someone telling me to go to Florapolis and bring a zillion flours, eggs and milk.. and I was like.. Uh?!   Only to find out that it’s time to get ready for Kitty’s birthday. Had so much fun making Kitty’s cake. It’s one huge cake that needed a lot of stuff but but it’s totally worth it. Anywaaysss, took pics as usual!


This is me wearing my happy birthday kitty shirt :D

thank you, vampzzz for  helping me with the quest:)


with Hope, vampzzz and Justita in Florapolis.  yess all the walking.. we needed to sit a while xD

With Kenman, vampzzz and Lydia. chilling infront of Choco. We all got our shirts, yay!

I made it to Kitty’s partyroom!!!


oh.. I mean WE made it to Kitty’s party room.. hehehehe


Zomg! All the food! Kitty knows how to throw a party :o

andddd everyone is here! so had to haad to have my pic taken with Keroppi <333

lazy day..photo ops! :D

Friday, October 31st, 2008

yesssss! picture taking day..! fun fun fun! :D


sitting around in london with Madeleine :D


powerpuff girls? hehehe hanging out in Piro’s farm


sitting with an unidentified boy in Middle Secret Peak :D Guess who the boy is and I will give you a strawberry cake! lol


..and this is how you lumber a vampzzz with blessing!

nuff for now, gotta go sell my loot :D:D:D

wolf hunting

Thursday, October 30th, 2008


with the best pet ever. i dont know what else to say xD

hello world!!!!

Monday, October 27th, 2008


i am sweetmia..


and all i want for christmas is a sense of direction.


yeahhh i bet that would come in handy when looking for burry ball materials.. xD