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Woohoo!! HKO Sea Commercial Launch will be open in another one hour time, after a loooooooooong wait! And not to miss out, there a exciting event coming out with the launch ~Sprite Madness Event~ 

So sad that I couldn’t login at the very first minute when the HKO Sea open at 12.00pm (+6 GMT) which is Malaysia/Singapore time. Too bad I have to work work and work! ArrgghhhH~~ Hopefully I can make it and participate in the event! Oh oh~~ There is an attractive prize coming along if you success to gain overall level ten before the event end! I want the PRIZEEEE!! (I’m gonna rush back after work and sit in front of my lappie till my eyes and brain can’t stand it!! Hahaha!

HKO!! Here I come~~~~~~~~!! Miss all the ingame players and hope to see you all there too!

Cheers!!! :p

Yup, this is the interview previously that published online in “The Star” (Malaysia English newspaper). At first, I thought it would not be published on newspaper since they already published online on 1 October and there is no article showing up in newspaper after that few days. Hence, I gave up searching the paper and with my surprise, I got a phone call from my mum on today, 13 Oct around lunch time, telling me that I’m on the newspaper!!

I can’t believe that my mum knew about it through my bro and my bro knew it through his friend… Hahahaha! Thanks to my brother friend for informing us and glad that I manage to grab a copy for myself. And of course, I got to let Serena know about it too! Hahaha! She is in the interview too and without her asking the favour, I have bought an extra copy so that she could have a copy too…but that’s later… because she is staying toooooooo far from me.

The newspaper page is too big for me to do the scanning (>.<), so the only way is to take a photo of the page. Although is blur, but you always can refer to the online published article here and it is exactly the same as published on the newspaper.

 The Star

This is all thank to Gloot.net and HKO, because of them, I got the chance to have such a special experience in my life.

P/S: Special thanks to HKO Sea “handsome and only guy” GM Kitolo (meaning “go where” in Hokkien) Hahaha! :p

Commercial Launch

Woohoo! After a looooooooooong wait, finally Gloot.net has announced the date of commercial launch for HKO Sea which is on 15 Oct at 12.00pm (GMT +8) according to Malaysia or Singapore time.

Only FIVE more days to go till I can meet all the sweet players ingame again! I’m sooooo excited for it now and really really really really~~~~ can’t wait for it! Hope to see everyone ingame and MISSSSSS you all! :D

Wow~~~ I have never ever expect myself to be on newspaper and guess what! I did appear in newspaper and it is all because of my beloved cute Hello Kitty. :D

HK Interview

The interview was done a few months back and it is go through the email by answering the questions from Mr.  Reporter (Steven Patrick). I thought it would not be appeared in newspaper since there is no news about the interview after few months. But with a big surprise, I found out that the interview being posted online and all are thanks to Gloot.net, HKO and Serena for informing me and letting me know as soon as the interview published. :)

I’m really glad to see the result of the interview and not to forgot about the REALLY “selftaking” photo! Hahaha! I never have a habit of taking the picture with my beloved hello kitty because I always help “them” to taking picture and forgot to put myself in the photo! (sweat)

But there is really a weird feeling when the very first time reading the published interview and looking at my own photo! (blush) I have explained to myself that because this is my first time on public publised article, that’s why I’m somehow not really use to it! I have gained a very special experience and all this thanks to the interview. Too bad the interview only published online in The Star and not in hardcopy of the newspaper, otherwise there will be more people knowing about the Hello Kitty Online game! (Also, I would be more well known! Hahahahaa (evil laugh))

LOL.. I can said out loud now because it didn’t published in newspaper, otherwise, I will be hiding myself with the very red face (shy)!!

Of course, not to forget that our HKO Star, starrfire7 is interviewed too.  Serena, being the super fan of Little Twin Star featured in the article to share her love on LTS with us. And thanks to her for sharing her experience on the interview since this is not her first time got interview. Hence, I have no doubt to say that she really is a super STAR in HKO. Hahaha, you can easily found her first interview through her blog.

And last but not least, Serena’s sister who well known as Ghost in HKO also been mentioned in the article to share her experience in HKO game.

Hmm~ That’s all for today!!! Goodnite! :D

Woh, today is 1st October! Time passed really fast and oh my goodness.. I haven’t update my blog for quite sometime. I have been busy with work and family occassion. Huu~~ Finally, Saturday is coming and congrate to my cousin brother that he get a pretty lady as wife. Haha!

Kind of boring life beside busying working because there is no new on the date of HKO Sea Commercial Launch, really sad about it. All the players have been waiting for quite long and still, there is no announcement on the date. Hmm.. seems like I going to have a loooooong wait. :(

Planning to upload my Hello Kitty collection but I haven’t resize and edit the photo in order for them to nicely post on the blog! (arrgghhh~ I’m really going to work it out soon, otherwise it will be forever waiting there!) Hahaha! Yah, I admit! Susan is kinda lazy bug!! :P

Recently have found out that there are lots of kitty lover in Malaysia too!! I will post their blog and links later on when I have time for it.

Till here~ Have a nice day!! :)

Yeah! I have a surprise when I were back from my work and saw on the table, there was a mail for me. Woohoo! No doubt, at first look I know this mail is from who because there is just a too big sticker of Little Twin Star to be ignored at the back of the envelope. I have been waiting this mail for so long and it is finally arrived and it come with a surprise gift too!

For the HKO Sea players, you all might know that the Gloot.net is given out the free DVD for the HKO online game so that some of you might not facing trouble of difficulty in downloading the game. Somehow, the DVD in Malaysia is not as expected that shown in the Gloot.net itself (with the black cover on the dvd), but the dvd in Singapore is as nice as in the picture shown which is with black cover and Hello Kitty face on it. Thus, I have ask a favour from a very sweet and kind friend to help me get one and she manage to get me one and send it to me. YES! This mail is the DVD and the very sweet and kind person is STAR (HKO Sea nickname = St4rrfire7) who is so addicted to Little Twin Star.

If you think the DVD have make my tired working day much more happier then you are wrong. Because when I pulled out the DVD and this come with my very shock expression (please imagine it “LOL”), there is HELLO KITTY gifts inside too! (Star, you are so so so sweet~~~~~I love you! I love you!).  This is what I don’t expected and yes, it make my day WOW! Thanks Star, a million thanks to you (Hugz)!

Ok ok! Enough thanks giving, here is the photo I took for the lovely mail .


These are the two different DVD between Singapore and Malaysia, and please see youself for the different of the DVD. Hmmm… What do you think about the two different DVD that with the same content inside? (hahaha)


Yaahoo! HKO Sea will come back tomorrow at 12.00pm @ Malaysia/Singapore time with Commercial Preview! There will be lot of exciting and fun in-game event held in HKO, I really can’t wait to join it. Check out the in-game event here. There will be prizes giving out when you participate in the event!

In conjunction with the launch of Commercial Preview of Hello Kitty Online in Malaysia, Gloot.net will be hosting a special event “HKO Leveling Workshop” at Blitzone “Cybercafé”   from 7th to 9th August 2009.  Besides that HKO fans will be able to play HKO at their cafe beginning 5th August 2009. Woohoo! That’s really a great news!! If you are staying around Klang Valley area, just noted down the workshop date and time in your schedule and feel free to attend it! You will be meeting out the GMs in HKO (if you are curious about how GMs look like :P). For more details on the this event, check the HKO Official website.

I really can’t wait for tomorrow to come! Meanwhile, I have some screenie from HKO Sea before it close for the coming Commercial Preview. I’m just too bored in HKO for the last few days as I have finished all my quest and I just decide to spend my time in HKO by going around the map and take some picture with my lovely Hello Kitty.

Florapolis (Flower board)

I’m enjoying the picture of Kitty!

 London (Dear Daniel)

Taking picture with Dear Daniel! (>.

 MSP 1

I like this a lot!! Cute Kitty’s swing! There is Little Twin Star by the side!


Hello Kitty’s well (Can it be the wishing well??) Hehe!

London (Margaret and Anthony)

Meeting Hello Kitty’s Granpa and Grandma namely Anthony and Margaret.

London (Mary and George)

Of course, there will be Hello Kitty’s dad and mum (George and Mary)

Surely, this is only part of the Sanrio’s character here (Mainly Hello Kitty’s family and friend), there will be a lot more Sanrio’s character in HKO. Because I’m a big fan of Hello Kitty, I screenshot all the Hello Kitty ONLY. Haha!

PS:That doesn’t mean that I don’t like others! Just that I only have limited time to screenshot all those picture!

Come and join us in HKO! You will meet a lot of Sanrio’s character and of course, you will meet huge of Sanrio’s fans in there!

HKO Sea commercial preview is on 5th August! Which mean I’ll be back to HKO again in one more day!! So excited!!

Let join together and I hope to see you in HKO too!! Check on Gloot for more information and you can download the HKO on Gloot.net!

 (I’m  turning back to the post again after found that there actually FREE  game client DVD given out!) Go and grab yourself one and join the HKO!

Free DVD

Free DVD 1

Sign-up if you don’t have a Gloot account as it is just take you a minute! ^^

 Free DVD 2

Definitely!! I will grab one for myself!! Haha!! (For my collection *chuckle*)

 There is much more fun that I can’t even mention to you, so just join and experience youself in HKO!

 See you there!  XD

WooHoo!! After two days of cracking my head, I finally did it. This is the very first time that I plan to open a blog and manage it nicely, and I hope my spirit of “do it” will last for long. (blush) So, my blog is officially opened on 1 August 2009, yesterday and the first thing come to my mind is I want to have a nice image for my link. Hmm.. for all your knowledge, I’m not very good with most of the software other than Microsoft Office. Thus, I’m cracking my head on the image thingy and after a few reference and guide from others, I finally make it!! The moment I finished my link’s image, I feel proud for myself (it may seem not a big deal for you but it is for me!!) ^^ 

Another moment of cracking my head is how should I post my link’s image on my blog and thanks to the Sanriotown FAQ and Blog FAQ, I manage to post it without give me much headache. With all that, I have finally completed my very first blog in SanrioTown Blog.

I would like to clarify this in my very first page that please don’t ever pick my error in grammar or what-so-ever because English is not my mother tongue, just excuse me if I have any mistake! :P

The second reason I clarify this is because I just want to be myself and shout out anything that I want with my own language (mixed with English + Mandarin + Malay + Dialect = “ABC” language). (big laughing) HAHAHA!!! But when I think back, I won’t have much chance to “shout out anything that I want” due to this blog is mainly for my beloved Hello Kitty. I think my main purpose is just to post my life’s experience with Hello Kitty and especially my collection. *chuckle*

Last and not least, I would like to welcome all of you to my blog and hope you will enjoy my blog, and do drop by your comment if you want to SHOUT OUT anything to me. Hehehe! So, here is my very First done imagess for the link. Choose the one you like the most and feel free to add the link to your blog. Thanks!! (^_^)

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