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Since Saturday, I have heard of the efforts of past cabinet secretaries and similar officials calling their present counterparts in the Arroyo administration to resign, and “come clean.” It’s the first time I saw of this, manifested as an advertisement, in today’s Inquirer.

If you can, please read it, and criticize.

My own two cents:

  1. “…all Jun Lozada did was to confirm what we already know.” - Then why on earth didn’t/ don’t you EXPOSE what you know. Help out. Don’t give all the burden just a person. Corroborate! Testify! I take it you know of fraudulent deals and activities involving Graft and Corruption. You know something, but you keep it to yourself, now, how does that appear?
  2. “Unmoderated Greed” - What does this mean? We allow greed, having kickbacks and money corrupted, but in moderation? Well, I guess we can’t contain this, not with our present culture and mindsets. I am angry! This should not be the case, but I guess it’s better than nothing?
  3. I’m surprised Karina David, whose term in Civil Service Commission just expired, signed this. This means, at least to me, that she confirms everything. She just didn’t do something to expose all of what she knows during her time as Chair of CSC. Now that it’s over, and I’m no longer connected to governemnt, let’s support the call? Ganun ba ‘yun? (Well, that’s how I read it)
  4. As I said, and as Ma’am Boncodin said, “they’re barking up the wrong tree.”
  • Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  • UPCSA Org shirt arrived today. It’s more than what I expected, which is good. Cute!
  • Tried to do Accounting 1 HW with Barbie, then Tenai…but failed.
  • Lucky Coleen already did her HW! What a relief! o_o
  • ArtStud - continued to dissect and discuss “Greenbelt” and “SM Megamall” and their meanings. Played with toys. Yes, small wooden blocks and action figures. Val Fig kinda got the hang of it. Wow! Fought with Joyce, because her action figure was copying my action figure’s wardrobe! “Gaya-gaya ka kasi! Suntukan na!”
  • Ate 2 monays for lunch.
  • I went to NCPAG to pass my Accounting HW, and to look at the SC room for my name in the College Electoral Board nominations. Vote for me! :)
  • Went back to AS to play Frisbee with Tim. I miss Frisbee! Maxi and Pats followed. I haven’t played for quite some time! (And I’m not as good as you say Tim) Let’s do this again! Enjoy!! Let’s form a team! Yeahboy! 3 more girls. Anyone interested?:P
  • Kakarmahin ka rin! Enough said. Reminder: CSA: Please be careful where you leave your stuff at the tambayan! I can’t emphasize enough. Take care of your valuables.
  • UPCSA had its Dimsum-Eating Relay around a little past 4pm. It was a success!

Congrats Cul-Soc, especially to Krisha and Cherrie! Thanks to those who’ve helped a while ago!

121: Ma’am Domingo’s back from Davao! We discussed about Personnel Recruitment and all the processes it has. No exam this Friday! Whew! XD

131: We discussed about budgeting, government budgeting, expenditures, GAA of 2007 and Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing for 2008 (because as of date, 2008 Budget hasn’t been signed into law..pray we don’t have a re-enacted budget). Well it’s all political play. It’s a matter of “feeding” the legislature well.

151: NO RECITATION! Isn’t that great?! It was a relief for everyone. We reported on the field work we did in the Barangays we visited/surveyed. He just discussed “powers and functions” of elected officials and appointed officials in the Local Government Unit (using an OHP projector). I hope he does that more often. :P

LArch1: Boring as usual. Scientific approach to Landscape Architecture. We discussed how Biology, Geology, Botany, Ecology and other sciences relate to LArch. :| Exam on the 29th! Eep!

Met with Titus regarding Kaisa. Pray for me. It’s one big decision I don’t want to screw up. I seriously need your prayers.

Got to play bridge with Ainna, Alvene, Chris and Sarah. Had to wait, cause I went with Alvene. (thanks so much!) She dropped me along Commonwealth. (at least I had a seat on the bus…thank God!)

And did I say that the Inari/Aburage of Hannah’s mom is SIMPLY THE BEST! :) Now I understand why Harrell’s “addicted” to it. Thanks!

Merryan’s back from Taiwan and she gave me these Coke items (Christmas Edition of Coke Classic and Coke Zero 600ml) :) Thanks Pi! XD Just wait and see what Pi gave Raein. I bet you guys will love it! ;)

I only had one class for today. And so, I decided to play bridge with Pam, Austin and Carlson after at our “secret bridge place” in AS; but unfortunately, someone appeared and startled us while we were into the game.

I guess I won’t elaborate on it anymore. I’ll leave this comment to those who experienced it/ know what happened. I don’t want to appear evil, nor sound like I am against what the person was saying (because believe me, I am not..)

It’s just what happened a while ago wasn’t really how I perceived it should be. I guess I was a little bit irritated, to say the least. I think that it makes people more distant to what they’re trying to achieve. I think it can’t be rushed like that. People have different paces, and if they’re shoved with stuff right in front of their faces, they might not like it, and turn away even more.

But end-all, that’s just me, and it’s my personal opinion :P

LMAO @ Austin. XD

I had to go to school at around 7:30am even if my one and only class is at 2:30pm. I had to do my Accounting homework with Barbie, Athena, and Reg.

Thank God for friends in BA - Sean and Tasha! Oh and Kester helped a little too. XD

Sadly, we didn’t even finish the HW, ohwell, at least we tried (for like 4 hours…) On to the Accounting exam this Saturday! (open book, open notes, open everything as Prof. Boncodin said a while ago) I just hope it’s not that tough.

On a lighter note, I received presents today from Sean (Fullybooked Planner), Kesterson (Coke Zero can from Taiwan), Mark and Sarah Wu (Goofy!), and Merri (Hershey’s Choooocolate!) Thanks a lot guys! :)


I saw this from Claire Lim’s post. It’s from Post Secret.


To Mariannet and to others like her Dear…

INQUIRER quote: “A Symbol: In death, Mariannet lives on as the embodiment of everything that’s not right in the country.”

What would cause an innocent little girl to choose to advance her appointment with Death?

Is it because of her parents, who cannot give her and her siblings the right to basic needs? Is it because of the government who cannot make an environment that would enable Mariannet’s family to do so? Is is because of us, who continue to live our lives more confortably  - seeking to be richer and richer at the expense of others?

Who should we point the blame to? Or is this the time to focus ourselves in doing our part, even how small you think it is, to make a difference?

Raein said, maybe because thinking “that something better is out there” made her decide to take her life. Sadly, that’s just wrong thinking. “It’s painful to imagine that a 12 year old can think of this,” said Vicky Morales.

One thing that I am certain with - something like this shouldn’t be happening, not to someone like Mariannet, who didn’t have a choice but to worry about a lot of things she shouldn’t have for a sixth grader, for a twelve-year-old. She should have been spending her time studying, playing and having fun with her friends; she should not be worrying about how to do with a few pesos for herself and her family.

After the incident, a lot of people wanted to help and condole, and to take advantage of the issue. Why should we wait for something like this to happen first for us to unite, for us to act concretely? It should have been our responsibility, or at least we should have seen this coming.

I really hope that learn from Mariannet. I hope this wouldn’t be seen as an example to follow by kids out there. I wouldn’t want people to think that this is an easy way out. Believe me when I say that it just isn’t. It really isn’t. I couldn’t help but to sometimes think about bringing back the past, and stopping things from happening. It really would be easier if I were somewhat like Hiro Nakamura, wouldn’t it? But things are what they are, and we simply couldn’t.

What I admire the most of Mariannet, and what touched me about her story was what I have read in today’s PDI. “She shares what she has, even if she only has a peso, she buys things for me…” her brother said. Now I think this is love. Love in its purest simplest and most modest form.

So here I am again with my Messiah Complex (as Raein says I have). This just really caught my emotion. It made me angry. It made me ponder.

Yes, I concede to the fact that there would be many more Mariannets each day. It would be crazy to think that we could stop each and every single one of them. But I really do hope that this made a difference - a significant one I pray - and maybe, just maybe one of would be Mariannets would be spared. I’ll be very happy with that.

Save the Little Girl, Save the World!

TAKE NOTE: Never commute home past 5pm! First time for everything…I waited for a ride for around 20 minutes. There was no FX Taxi available. I settled for a BUS which was SRO (standing room only). I stood all the way from Philcoa to Fairview. It was traffic. My right hand’s sore. The bus was jam-packed! I was standing nearest the door of the bus. I hate it!

I want a car NOW. I have to save up for one…sigh. Anyone nice enough to buy me one? I’ll do whatever you want… o.o hahaha!

Tomorrow I shall go home 4pm or earlier! GAH! :(

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