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So it’s now official, says the online news of TV giant ABS-CBN. They bagged the rights to do a local remake of the popular teen chick flick hit Twilight of Stephanie Meyer. Kill us now, please!

Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao? No offense, but, can’t we be more original?

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Classes will be over and done with in less than a week. CRS has already updated its site and opened the enlistment of 2nd Semester classes. So far I’ll be taking 5 majors and a GE subject (English 1 or 10 - depending on how generous CRS will be to me).I’ll have my Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays off, and will have 5:30-8:30pm classes on Thursdays and Fridays. What a life.

It’s super nearing sem break, and I really really really want to go on vacation NOW! But we all have to keep ourselves in check, back to reality, and face all the remaining stuff we have to finish. I believe I did this last year, and now I’ll be doing it again:

  • Eng 30 Last Activity/Paper
  • Eng 30 Final Output
  • PA 141 Policy Analysis Paper
  • PA 141 Generics Act Report
  • PA 141 Finals
  • Pa 161 Debate
  • PA 161 SLO Diary
  • PA 161 (optional) Finals
  • Psych 108 Newsletter
  • Stat 101 (take home) 4th Exam
  • Stat 101 Finals
  • PA 113 Activities
  • PA 113 (not yet sure) Finals/ Activity

After all of these, here we go Cam Sur!

IamChange meeting yesterday. I met Ateneo Sanggunian President Omar CastaƱar. I got to meet Gio also, who treated us for dinner (thanks!). Now I think I met all the core group members. All that I can say is that IAC is getting more and more exciting and bigger! :) Pinoys, watch out!

Anyway… I would just like to inform everyone that:

I will be gone starting today up until Sunday. Don’t try to find me :P All CSA related matters should go through Alvene. Acads stuff, email or text me, but I won’t reply. I shall have my well deserved rest and mini-break from all the hassles that acads and orgs and school, in general, bring. All work related stuff, email me. I shall get back to you when I come back to reality.

Off to somewhere PEACEFUL & RELAXING! BuhBye! :P

Commuting is getting on to my nerve. I’ve conceded to the fact that no matter what I have to commute everyday. Although prices of oil/gas have been skyrocketing and are still going up up and away, the alternative, commuting, is still really burdensome. I conclude that it’s really expensive to go to places, commuting or driving your own.

Summary of my transportation expense today:

House to Gate (via trike) - Php 12.-
Fairview to Philcoa (via bus) - Php 25.-
Philcoa to UP (via taxi - because I was already late!) - Php 48.-
Palma Hall to NCPAG (via jeep) - Php 7.-

NCPAG to Palma Hall (via jeep) - Php 7.-

Palma Hall to Miriam College - Free!!! Thanks JM and Pam! :3

Miriam College to Tandangsora (via trike) - Php 40.-

Tandangsora to Fairview (via bus) - Php 13.-

Gate to House (via trike) - Php 12.-


I pay, more or less, 164 pesos just to go to school, and do some extra-curricular activity, and go back home. It’s too much for an ordinary college student. ARGH! I hate that fact. Imagine those who live farther, and have to commute even longer distances. I am sure they pay even more just for their transportation fare.

First week in U.P. has been very tiring for me. I have met all my professors already, and I think I will enjoy them except for some few who I think will make me sleep? But in any case I am very eager to tackle all my subjects, and hopefully, get high marks after.

One thing is for sure, the first week was hellish. It was my first time to have a 5:30-7:00pm class, and I just commute going home. That’s not good, at all. It’s really, really, really bad! x.x

After 4 straight days of classes, I just feel tired, and I just want to crash on my bed, and sleep for more than 10 hours. But even if I really want to do that, I have other responsibilities to attend to, which wouldn’t permit me to do so.

Moreover, I have a pile of readings I have to finish for next week. Specifically, I have almost 3 inches of PA 141 - Public Policy class - to read and make a 5 page summary of, plus a 10 slides PowerPoint presentation of the important, most significant points in those readings.

To make it much worse, I had a hard time digging through tons and tons of books and papers in the library to get those readings, and the librarian was a little bit too (hmm) unpleasant/nasty today. I thank Reg because she was so patient and diligent in getting the assigned readings. :)

P.S. I’m now poor because of all these papers I have to photocopy!!!

P.P.S. I hate that this practice kills all those trees! I wonder how many trees per day does NCPAG kill because of photocopying requirements. O.o

So out of the 3 batch runs for pre-enlistment in the CRS of the University of the Philippines Diliman, I only manage to get 15 units. Welcome back to being a normal student, huh? Life. (can you sense bitterness? hahaha)

My classes: Psych 108, PA 113, PA 141, PA 161, Eng 30.

And I am hoping to get STAT 101, which I will PREROG (of which I don’t know how to do, yet..but I will soon find out, yes, I will.) So now, I am still lacking 1 subject, and if ever I don’t get it now, frankly, I don’t know what I’ll do? Help?


07:30 - Arrived in U.P
07:45 - Reviewed for PA 151 (Local Government & Regional Administration) Finals.
08:20 - Went to Vargas Museum just in time for 09:00am opening.
09:00 - Joyce arrives
09:01 - We both went in the museum to look at the exhibit
09:20 - Dramaturgical Revelations of Everyday Living
09:30 - We went back to the tambayan.
09:35 - Started writing Art Stud 2 paper
11:30 - Finished with 4 pages of painting analysis (thanks Joyce!)
11:35 - Joyce printed our papers, while I finish peer evaluations
11:37 - Bought brown envelope (thanks Che!)
11:40 - Submit AS2 stuff @ FC in time for 12:00 deadline
11:50 - Bought lunch at CASAA, then rode IKOT to NCPAG
12:10 - Ate lunch at the Atrium
12:15 - Wrote PA 151 Learning Diary while studying for the Finals
01:30 - PA 151 Finals (FTW! bahala na…)
03:00 - Finished the exam, and continued writing the diary.
03:20 - Submitted the Diary
03:50 - Went back to CSA Tambayan
04:20 - Went to Cordillera Cafe, bought a drink and waited for the sundo.


Congrats to my shoti for being UST COMMACH VP for Internals!

This Ad from the Concerned Artists of the Philippines says it all. :)

Tiff: “Bong bong tanggalin mo damit mo.”
CSA people: “Tiff ah!”
Me: “WHAT?!………”
Tiff: “Hindi hindi I mean ‘yung jacket mo!”

B. C. P.

I call for PGMA do to the right thing.

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