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Tippi’s bear Eis Bar (which went to all places here and there and to continents beyond the Philippines’) was kidnapped - by me! Bwhahaha ^^ I turned him into a Lasallian Archer (using Adi’s stuff during the recent overnight at their place). Now, I’m sure Tippi will get mad at me if (IF) she sees this o.o I hope she doesn’t read this blog that often. Or else it’s time to say good bye…

I have been tagged again. Yeah. This tag thing works if you’re bored. And I guess, I am. So here it is Tasha. :) 10 things that makes me happy.. And since I wouldn’t want to impose on people. Feel free to copy and do your own. I’m not tagging anyone.

10. My collections (coke cans galore, stamps, coins, keychains…hmm.. books!!!)
09. Chocolates and Ice Cream. and Food in general :)
08. Watching movies
07. Meeting Famous People and engaging them in conversation
06. My Dogs
05. Writing Poetry. Tula tula at marami pang mga tula. and Blogs! Super happy, stress reliever.
04. Travelling to places I’ve never been to before
03. cousins and friends = ♥
02. Loving others. Yeah cheesy. Doing things for them, and seeing them smile, and appreciate what you’ve done. :)
01. God. He’s been there loving me, and guiding me always. Even when I get lost, and I don’t know what I am doing, pagtalikod ko, he’s there :D

As I welcome 2008, it’s just right for me to look back at the experiences that I had. For all the good times and the not so good ones. For all the memories that are forever treasured and remembered. Thank You Very Much to everyone that had touched my life, one way or another. To the next year – to 2008 (and beyond!).

2007 has been wonderful.

• Had New Year with my cousins at our house. (It was when I lost my innocence to alcohol?)
• It was a really wonderful experience being in my first org – Chinese Student Association (which I consider family now). <3
• I got chickenpox (I had to cut class and stay at home for 3 weeks! Boo!)
• University Scholar babeh!
• I went to the Xavier Variety show with Tiff, Harrell, Vanessa and Cokie, and just enjoying watching without worrying about tasks of being in Stallion or in the Variety Show Committee.
• UPCSA goes to La Luz Beach, Batangas! Woooot! :D

• Got a real job (part time) in Outblaze Asia-Pacific as Online Content Support (thanks to Tiff! I can’t thank you enough dude!)

• Had my first summer class in UP (…and learned that Summer Class = HOT HOT HOT = VERY UNSUITABLE ENVIRONMENT FOR LEARNING!)
• I got Malikhaing Pagsulat under Prof. Rene Villanueva (God bless his soul!) for 3 days (He was replaced/ subbed by Sir Eliserio after…)
• Played Frisbee – with Tim Sy and Chris Ng during summer (UF2 class with Aouex)
• Got elected as Vice President in CSA (Thanks so much guys! I love you!)
• Proclaimed Tiff and Sean to be best buds in CSA (they’re the best!)
• I got to be a Registration Assistant in CSSP/ AS101 (kalog peeps!)
• Had to choose MemComm people. Met with them at Starbucks Katips for the first time! We did the Sigsheet (Leslie = d’best! – she made all the art in the Sigsheet!) MemComm = LOVE :)
• Attended State of the Nation Address (rubbed shoulders with the President, Speaker, political figures)

• Went to the Office of the Vice President, met Noli, had pics taken! That was it! My future flashing right through my eyes (and mind you, I wasn’t dreaming while it was happening)

• CSA applicants exceeding “projected” number. (We’re growing exponentially as Kim said). Met a lot of new people. Got close to new people. Made new friends :) I LOVE C.S.A. (It had its ups and downs, but still we’re here. We’ll keep fighting, and changing for the better I hope!) XD
• Got my first? Oh no, second acting Gig (Thanks to Ma’am Anna!) *First was when I acted as a Chinese salesman in Chris Ng’s BC class. That was fun! **Second was with Bembol Roco! Yeahboy! Haha! No need to elaborate much. I’m now international! Oh yeah! Wu’s international too!
• Had new doggies! (Debbie – Mini Dachshund, Sophie – Yorkie, Jade – Shih Tzu, Kirby – Shih Tzu)
• I VOTED! May 14.
• Harry Potter Book 7! (and now it’s finally done)
• Formed BFFL (best friends for life) with Barbie, Reg, Rog and Tenai (Go Pub Ad! Go NCPAG! Go UP Law! Haha!)
• Bought my own MacBook with my hard earned money! (That felt great!)
• Dared Tiff to live without swearing (that was fun…or at least for her, because she had cake!) She almost did it, but not quite. (Medyo positive ang pagkasulat ko ha!)
• Had first complete BFFL inuman session @ Guiley’s Island to celebrate BFFL Reg’s birthday! Yeahboy!
• Had second complete BFFL inuman session to celebrate Barbie’s birthday @ her house
• Mimi’s Birthday @ Shantung

• Halloween @ Ayala Heights

• Sketchers Streetdance Battle Year III (my first ever! UP won!!! as usual!)

• Christmas Party @ new office of Outblaze (Played Wii! Crazy Wario Ware)

• Watched AVENUE Q! (yippee!)

• Reunion with my 1C,2C,3C,4B classmates :)

• Christmas @ Ayala Heights

Thanks Tiff, Joyce, Pat, Sean, Austin, Thea, Harrell, Kim and Merryan for your love and friendship – for always understanding me. I know that you’ll always be there for me, kahit ano pang sabihin ko sa inyo, you guys will be there to listen :P

Thanks to MemComm (Chris, Alvene, Ariel, Clea, Ainna, Leslie, Pam, Pao Pei, Arianne, Sarah, and Carlo) and Execomm (Jayne, Laureen, Krisha, Jarv and Scott) and to the Deps!

Thanks to CSA! You’ll forever be my family!

Thanks to BFFL! (Barbie, Reg, Rog, Tenai!) and to Blanch and Pebbles! :)

Thanks to my Xavier classmates! (d’best!)

Thanks to my blog readers!!! I LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH TOO! XD hehe

Thanks to everyone! You’re too many! (Sorry! Hehe! You know I love you guys too!)

I LOVE MY FAMILY! Thank you! :)

And now, *drum rolls* I LOVE MY OH SO WONDERFUL COUSINS, who’ll forever be in my heart! Clumtards President – Achi Denise, VP – Tin, Sexytary – Moi!, Treasurer/ Speaker of the Haus – Luj, (ano si Adi? …at sina Tippi, Justin at Jen? Haha!) Don’t forget our lawyer – AJ! And to my other cousins! Thanks for everything!

Happy New Year!

One boring afternoon, I decided to take a video (out of my OLY C-50 digicam) of Kirby. Here he is! So cute! :)

Jade, my Shih Tzu, won First Place for her category (6-9 months) - that’s because she didn’t have any competitor. (haha!) The good part there is when she was put onto the table for judging, the wife of the judge went right up from her seat, and took her picture! (aww.. :) ) The judge said she’s very great but she lacks training. (Yeah, she hasn’t had that much training yet..sadly..) She didn’t win overall in the Shih Tzu Group after (because all her competitors were much older and had longer hair/coat than her…) Oh well, that’s just fine. It’s another experience for her. Untill the next competition! ;)  

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