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Happy Birthday to my birthday-mates Clea, Merry, Ted, Ella! :)

To those who texted, emailed, ym-ed, plurked, multiplied, facebooked, greeted me last night during the victory party (di ko na kayo iisa-isahin dahil ang dami dami dami n’yo, overwhelmingly!); to my family, wonderful slatemates (Titus, Lee, Jose, Barbie, Sheena, KKK, John, Anika, Gabby, Rinno, Laura, BJ, Austin, Dhadi, Ching, Jan, Gino, Angela and Raymund), CSA, KAISA, Absolute Cousins, APB, Bloggers/ Online friends, ISA, LEAD, Manila Foodistas, MATTER, PALS, PDA, PRIME, START, UP friends, Xavier friends, at sa mga posibleng nakalimutan ko [sorry])

Malugod na pagpapasalamat, sincerest gratitude to everyone, 謝謝你們!Sa walang sawang pagtiwala, pagsuporta’t pagtulong. I have been really blessed with great friends and acquaintances. I really treasure you all! *sniff* hehe :D

P.S. Being 21 is no different from being 20, or 18… What matters is how you live your life, and what will be your legacy. (magiging 21 din kayo! bleh! haha) Carpe Diem!

P.P.S. A bit of trivia for all…today’s Square Root Day. Fun! haha

First of all congratulations to all those who won in the USC elections! Secondly, congratulations and good luck to the Executive Committee-elect of UP Chinese Student Association. I know you’ll be able to do great things next year.

CSA Org Pic

USC Elections is over. As for me, I am very thankful for all the people who have been there to support, guide, train, and nourish my desire to become a better student-leader.

More than a party, KAISA has been a family to me. Looking back, I am amazed with what we’ve all gone through, what we’ve all sacrificed and what we’ve all learned throughout this experience. This is a new chapter that would soon be written with more wonderful lines and stories that matter.

Icheck na yan!

They say that what I am having right now is the expected withdrawal symptoms from the elections. Truly, I miss being with my slatemates every night, trainings upon trainings, sleeping late and waking up really early, going room-to-room expecting the unexpected, and a lot more.

Elections pushed each and everyone of us to work and perform more. It only proved that “yes, we can.” Deep inside we all knew we could do it, but all the while, I could ask, “why weren’t we able to do this before the campaign started?” Sometimes, it just takes some push or even a tap for one to be able to go that extra mile. That for me is what we all want; that for me is what counts.

After all of this, yes, it’s hard to go back to “normal student life.” Though hard and tiring, I miss everything. Now, it’s time to perform, to walk the talk. I hope that all of you would still be there. :)

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In this day and age, communication and communicating with people is vital. Everyday, you communicate in various settings (in school, in your work, in the family, etc.) with different people from all walks (your friends, classmates, etc.) to get things done.

I, together with some friends, had the privilege of having to try out the much talked about Bayan Wireless landline for weeks now. As Tiffy said, it’s really awesome having a landline with you everywhere you go. This is true, especially when my parents want to know where I am, or what time I’ll be home, it’s very easy for them to call me from home.


But for me, there are other reasons why I love the Bayan Wireless landline besides being reachable anytime, it’s because I get to cut costs on my cellphone bill, play my favorite FM station with the headset provided with it, play games (but don’t expect much), send text messages too. The phone also comes with other settings, such as an alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch among others. Now, isn’t that great? ^^ If you want to know the rates and some two-cents about the service, you can visit Jayvee’s On Bayan Telecommunications Wireless Landline Service.

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In celebration of the University’s second Sesquicentennial theme,

Deepening Spirituality

the Ateneo community is warmly invited to


Sunday, 7 December 2008, 6:30PM
Church of the Gesù


Ateneo Boys Choir (Daisy Marasigan, Conductor)
Ateneo Chamber Singers (Jonathan Velasco, Conductor)
Ateneo College Glee Club (Ma. Lourdes Hermo, Conductor)
Ateneo High School Glee Club (Jose Emmanuel Aquino, Conductor)
Dulaang Sibol (Dr. Onofre Pagsanghan, Managing Director)
Jesuit Music Ministry (Fr. JBoy Gonzales, SJ, Director): Blue Symphony, Bukas Palad, Himig Heswita & Musica Chiesa


the premiere “Take and Receive” medley arrangement of RYAN CAYABYAB

Ateneo choirs to stage free thanksgiving concert for the community

On Sunday, 7 December 2008, 6:30PM, Ateneo’s singing groups will treat the community to an evening of sacred, liturgical, and inspirational music through the concert, Take and Receive: The First Festival of Ateneo Music, at the Church of the Gesù, Ateneo Loyola Heights campus.

The concert gathers Ateneo’s home grown and award-winning groups, the Ateneo Boys Choir, Ateneo High School Glee Club, Dulaang Sibol, Ateneo College Glee Club, and Ateneo Chamber Singers. They will perform with the Jesuit Music Ministry artists, Blue Symphony, Bukas Palad, Himig Heswita and Musica Chiesa. Distinguished Filipino musician and composer Ryan Cayabyab’s medley arrangement of the different “Take and Receive” compositions by the Filipino Jesuits will be one of the highlights of the concert.

Fans and supporters of these Ateneo singing groups can expect to be regaled by the songs that have made these groups both distinct and popular, resonating Ateneo’s fine musical legacy and the unique spirituality that inspires its music.

Dulaang Sibol is the Ateneo High School theater club founded and directed by Onofre Pagsanghan. Bukas Palad, meanwhile, was co-founded by Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ 20 years ago. The Ateneo College Glee Club, the oldest university chorale in the country and winner in the 2006 Miltenberg (Germany) Choral Competition and Ateneo Chamber Singers, winner in the 2006 Tolosa (Spain) Choral Contest, will showcase their world-class talent in polyphony and classical music.

Another highlight of the concert is a tribute by the Jesuit Music Ministry artists to Fr. Eddie Hontiveros, SJ, or “Fr. Honti,” the acknowledged Father of Philippine Liturgical Music, who passed away in January 2008. The Mass hymns that Fr. Honti composed in the 1970s, after the Second Vatican Council called for inculturation of the liturgy, continue to be sung in every parish to this day, an enduring testament to the intimacy of his music with the heart of the Filipino and the message of Jesus Christ.

Take and Receive: The First Festival of Ateneo Music marks the Ateneo’s 149th anniversary, the year of “Deepening Spirituality,” the second theme of a three-year countdown to Ateneo’s 150th anniversary, or sesquicentennial. Ateneo de Manila University will celebrate its sesquicentennial on December 10, 2009 with the theme “Building the Nation.”

Mimi D. Agbay
Project Coordinator - Ateneo Sesquicentennial
Phone No.: +632 426.6001 loc. 4083
Mobile No.: +63 917.8933379

My uncle, Martin, blaming me as his reason for being addicted to Plurk, created such genius invention - The Plurkybar! :) So you might ask, “What’s a Plurkybar?” Here’s his explanation on his creation lifted from his post, “Plurkybar: extending a bar to your life(line)“.

PlurkybarPlurkybar is “an immensely simple Plurk sidebar for Firefox.” Just download it and you’ll be able to plurk within Firefox without having to have a dedicated window or tab. It automatically refreshes every minute so that you’re assured that you get the hottest, freshest, latest plurks available in your timeline.


Here’s what it looks like on my Mac OSX 10.5.5. (see photo below)

If you like what you see, you can download Plurkybar 0.1 now at his site. He’s also asking for your feedback, comments and/or suggestions. Go land on his site, and see what Plurkybar is all about! :D Enjoy plurking!

Tippi’s bear Eis Bar (which went to all places here and there and to continents beyond the Philippines’) was kidnapped - by me! Bwhahaha ^^ I turned him into a Lasallian Archer (using Adi’s stuff during the recent overnight at their place). Now, I’m sure Tippi will get mad at me if (IF) she sees this o.o I hope she doesn’t read this blog that often. Or else it’s time to say good bye…

One weekend, when my parents left all 3 of us siblings at home while they went out of town, we decided to order in food for lunch. Jugno’s Monster Pizza, the famous 20 inch pizza that will really wow you because of its size. We got the Cheez to Cheez, Spicy Taco Monster, Jugno’s Monster Special and Mexican Amigo’. We only paid for Php 519, all in all. It came with 2 kinds of sauces (one white, which reminded me of the sauce used in Shawarma; the other, the more mexican burrito-ish one)

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Besides boasting about its exceptional services, Mandarin Oriental is known for its restaurants, namely Paseo Uno and Tin Hau. My family recently ate at Tin Hau while we were checked in at the hotel. All I can say is that this is one of the best, if not the best Chinese restaurant in town.

Jason and I got the Set Menu 1, while my parents and shobe got the Set Menu 2. Their Privilege Club Set Menus are Php 850+++ per person and are good for 2. (exclusive of government taxes, local taxes and service charge)




For starters they served us with one of the best “service peanuts” (if you get what I mean). Then followed by our Sio Mai and Scallop dimsum. Heavenly!





Then came the Braised Fish Soup, Auntie Song style.


I didn’t know what was the Auntie Song style all about when I was sipping the hot yummy soup. It was until I researched later did I know that Auntie Song is supposedly a famous cook in Hang Zhou, from the Nan Song Dynasty, 800 years back up to the present. (talk about recipe perfection).





Poached green vegetables with seafood and egg white in superior consomme followed.



Wok fried fragrant rice with roasted pork,





the Chicken stewed with eggplant, Szechuan Style,



and then the Crisp fried shrimp with sliced almonds and mayonnaise.



Lychee with almonds came for dessert. The best lychee and almonds ever.





Later that evening, we came back again for the Dimsum Platter. I tell you, their dimsum’s to die for. It’s a MUST TRY when you eat at Tin Hau.



Tin Hau at Mandarin Oriental is located at the 2nd Floor of the hotel. Open for Lunch/Dim sum: 11:30am-2:30pm and Dinner: 6:30pm-10pm (Monday-Sunday). You can contact them at (02) 750-8888 loc. 2424 or 2422 for reservations. Manager: Ernest Lau Chef: Hann Furn Chen. Dress code is Smart Casual.

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