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First of all congratulations to all those who won in the USC elections! Secondly, congratulations and good luck to the Executive Committee-elect of UP Chinese Student Association. I know you’ll be able to do great things next year.

CSA Org Pic

USC Elections is over. As for me, I am very thankful for all the people who have been there to support, guide, train, and nourish my desire to become a better student-leader.

More than a party, KAISA has been a family to me. Looking back, I am amazed with what we’ve all gone through, what we’ve all sacrificed and what we’ve all learned throughout this experience. This is a new chapter that would soon be written with more wonderful lines and stories that matter.

Icheck na yan!

They say that what I am having right now is the expected withdrawal symptoms from the elections. Truly, I miss being with my slatemates every night, trainings upon trainings, sleeping late and waking up really early, going room-to-room expecting the unexpected, and a lot more.

Elections pushed each and everyone of us to work and perform more. It only proved that “yes, we can.” Deep inside we all knew we could do it, but all the while, I could ask, “why weren’t we able to do this before the campaign started?” Sometimes, it just takes some push or even a tap for one to be able to go that extra mile. That for me is what we all want; that for me is what counts.

After all of this, yes, it’s hard to go back to “normal student life.” Though hard and tiring, I miss everything. Now, it’s time to perform, to walk the talk. I hope that all of you would still be there. :)

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