Chinatown Adventure

Please look for any UP Chinese Student Association, ADMU Celadon, UST Community Achievers, DLSU Englicom, UA&P Fu members or officers for requirements and for the entry forms needed in order to join the Chinatown Adventure! :) We hope you’ll be able to join us, participate and have fun this February 8, Sunday. You can email Harrell Wong for more information ( See you there!

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Among the hefty servings of Continental, Mediterranean, and Oriental dishes Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant serve, their Titanic Treat is a must, MUST try! It’s 40 scoops of ice cream and toppings all over the place. This baby is the god of all desserts. Yes, be afraid. This enormous dessert is for those who are adventurous and who call themselves ultimate food lovers.

Owner Henrik Yu told us that if you’ll order this with another person (meaning there’s just 2 of you) and you guys finish it in 5 minutes, this Php 999 monstrous treat will be free of charge! Anyone up for the challenge? ^^

Bigby’s started in Cagayan de Oro, and now, it has expanded to Metro Manila, in the newly opened Atrium in SM Megamall

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Chinese New Year will fall on January 26, 2008 this year. The University of the Philippines Chinese Student Association celebrates its Cultural Week annually, in time for this festivity. Here’s a run-down of the activities for everyone! Come one, come all! Let’s enjoy and have fun, 恭喜發財!

UP Chinese Student Association Cultural Week

Also, this year marks UP CSA’s 45th Anniversary; with this, we’ll be celebrating our Grand Alumni Homecoming on January 31, 2008, Saturday, 6:30pm at Gloria Maris, Greenhills!


Contact Madie Co at 0916-4120662 for more information about the Cultural Week celebrations and Tiffany Chua at tiffychua[at]gmail[dot]com for the CSA Grand Alumni Homecoming. Celebrate with us in UP Diliman and in SM Fairview, and be witnesses to a start of an Ox-citing year! CSA, Fil-Chi: Rekindle the past and cherish the present..attend the Grand Alumni Homecoming! :) We wish to see you all in our activities! 謝謝!

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On Saturday, January 17, Manila’s arts aficionados and patrons will be welcomed to a special reception at the Ayala Museum to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of Art in Site Magazine. The quarterly publication will be produced in Manila and distributed in the Philippines and the U.S. It is envisioned to be a leading resource for, by and about Filipino artists filled with insightful and engaging articles relating to the arts in all its forms to incite a renaissance of sorts—a rekindled interest in local art, artists, and a renewed sense of pride to be Filipino.

Art in Site Magazine is not just another arts magazine. Its history and unique vision are as remarkable as the people behind its creation. Patricia Laurel, editor of the magazine has the qualifications and pedigree: great-grand niece of national hero Jose Rizal; educated in Germany and the United States; writing credentials with European Stars and Stripes and Associated Press in the United States. Under Laurel’s leadership, Art in Site Magazine was conceived under the banner of a Cooperative for Artists in the Philippines and the U.S. as a way to connect a growing international community of artists of Filipino descent.

In every issue of Art in Site Magazine, a special article will be devoted to an update on the Cooperative’s ultimate goal — the establishment of the Manila Center for the Arts. The Center will be a physical structure that can be the hub for artistic development, exhibition and study; a nurturing home for Filipino artists, arts educators, and students to convene. Patterned after the highly successful San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the plans include a Center School for young artists, state-of-the-art performance and exhibition spaces for small audiences, the provision of legal and practical services for the artistic community, and advocacy programs to increase government and private support of the arts in all of its forms.

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“One mind at a time,
person by person…
Pinoy will lead,
and change the Philippines –
making it great, like once!”

-Superbong for World Literature Day (01/08/09)

In this day and age, communication and communicating with people is vital. Everyday, you communicate in various settings (in school, in your work, in the family, etc.) with different people from all walks (your friends, classmates, etc.) to get things done.

I, together with some friends, had the privilege of having to try out the much talked about Bayan Wireless landline for weeks now. As Tiffy said, it’s really awesome having a landline with you everywhere you go. This is true, especially when my parents want to know where I am, or what time I’ll be home, it’s very easy for them to call me from home.


But for me, there are other reasons why I love the Bayan Wireless landline besides being reachable anytime, it’s because I get to cut costs on my cellphone bill, play my favorite FM station with the headset provided with it, play games (but don’t expect much), send text messages too. The phone also comes with other settings, such as an alarm, calendar, calculator, stopwatch among others. Now, isn’t that great? ^^ If you want to know the rates and some two-cents about the service, you can visit Jayvee’s On Bayan Telecommunications Wireless Landline Service.

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