This blessing (Venus, Jupiter and the Moon aligning), what seems to be a smiling face, is a breather as well as a reminder for all those hassled students, adults, working people, and busy buds, that it’ll be a good end-of-the-year, and hopefully until next year. Smile back guys! : )

Photo from and by Merryan Jim

7 Responses to “Smile: A Gift from Heaven :)”

  1. Wow * A* that’s actually a really nice picture ! x3 -feels all happy inside- xD~

  2. That’s the actual photograph? Cute!

  3. I saw that! XD

  4. @puhinaru yup2, it made us all happy :D

    @iheartbadtz yeah! hehe

    @fairlady: niceee nh?

  5. Yeah! Lucky we saw it. Might happen again after a few hundred years…

  6. Cool pic!

  7. @fairlady-z: yah! i know! :) cool right?

    @cookie: yeah! it’s actually my friend, merryan’s :) she’s good!

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