A few weeks back, I brought my whole family to Havaianas’ Playback event. They literally turned part of the Bonifacio High Street grass-grounds into a whole big playground both for kids and adults with retro Pinoy games such as Piko, Patintero, Tumbang-Preso, Sipa, and a lot more.




“Before CDs, cellphones, digital media players and the internet were invented (edit: PS3, Wii, and other gaming consoles), you were the undisputed master of Tumbang Preso, Piko and Patintero” Havaianas let everyone experience “the nostalgia of your old-school glory,” and this time, with your kids.





It’s so funny seeing my mom and dad be like a kid again and played through almost every game there was. :)





There were even foreigners trying out these classic Pinoy games. Fun!!




What I enjoyed the most was playing Sungka with Tiffy. I really wanted to bring home the sungka board after — sadly we cannot. Oh, and I am a little better at this than Tiffy. Rematch? ;)





They ended (or at least, partially) with drummer boys and intruments making tribal sounds. That was awesome! I do hope Havaianas will have a repeat of this great event. To Pinoy games and sheer fun and excitement.






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A month ago or so, I, together with some bloggers, were treated to Paul Calvin’s breakfast buffet. I wonder if they already have a price for their buffet already. But in any case, I would really recommend to you this place. After eating, I was told that their chef was previously from Shangri-La — and that’s why (I thought) the food was uber yummy!

What I liked the least from the food offered were the bread (I don’t know about the croissant with fruits, because I wasn’t able to taste that). I courteously told them that so that they can improve on that aspect. Everything else was fantastic! Breakfast was fit for a king. What won a lot of us was the fact that they have hot Taho there. Here are some more pictures of the yummy treat.

I sure can’t wait to head back there again and try out their other food selection, and of course, the breakfast buffet!

Paul Calvin’s Deli

Unit F 111 Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City
Near Mcdonalds and Forbes Wood Heights
Take Out. Grab and Go. Call Order.
Delivery. Call: +632 856-5900


Thanks to Chef Paul and Jay Em of Paul Calvin’s
Note to all: Paul Calvin’s Deli has FREE WiFi :)

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