I bought one of these cute head-dress/costumes.
Which one? Well, you better watch out for my post on that! :P


Enchanted Kingdom’s Celebrating its 13th year of Magical Fun. There will be a Fireworks Competition on October 25, a kick-off anniversary bash “Enchante” this October 26 and Spooky Halloween treat, where kids and teens alike can enter EK for free if they come in their fantasy-themed costumes, on October 31-November 02.

6 Responses to “Enchanted Kingdom’s OKTAKONEK”

  1. Very interesting marketing :p

  2. indeed! :)

  3. Wear your new headgear!!!

  4. I miss EK. Last time I’ve been there was on Jan 07.

  5. it’s like an anime convention? Here in Brazil we always use this little boards :D Saying free hugs, free kisses hahaha

  6. I want a hat! XD

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