No it’s not time for the UP College Admissions Test, in fact, it just ended more than a month ago. It’s the recently talked about UPCAT - The Movie! I got this from an email from Thea; then her sister Tiffy, and a lot other people did the viral messaging, and now it’s famous, at least in the internet world!:)

So what is this talked about film? It’s about two teenage boys who believe that passing the UP College Admissions Test is the passport to their dreams. They each have different views in life, and different goals they want to achieve - just like many other UPCAT passers now studying (who have studied) in UP.

I guess this film wants to connect with the students, and the alumni and give somewhat of a reality check for each UP student/faculty and staff/alumni regarding their hopes, goals and dreams, and where they are right now.

Here’s the first ever trailer-video I saw:

And this is from Director Roman Carlo Olivarez:

UPCAT is a 2008 Cinema One Originals film with Happy Endings Films in cooperation with Bigtop Media Productions and Digitrax Sound Productions. It’s original content and direction is by Direk Roman Carlo Olivarez.


You can visit their official site here:

The Adidas King of the Road 10k and 21k race results are out! I got it from runningDATCom.

Adidas KOTR 5 km Results
Adidas KOTR 10 km Results
Adidas KOTR 21 km Results


From the previous post, I thought that my time was 1:50:08, but it turned out that I was mistaken (I knew I wasn’t really looking at the clock correctly..), it’s 1:21:23 at a pace of 8:09 mins/km. I was surprised that I did better than my Nike Human Race run!! Woot! Even though I really wasn’t able to train for it because of academic constraints (ahem, hassle talaga, ahem), I did a little better.


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