Yesterday was the big event. Admittedly I really didn’t think I would be able to finish the 10km long route for the fact that I haven’t been able to train for it. I was swamped with school work and blog event here and there. The only time I got to run was last Thursday, and I really felt bad after. Also, my running buddy, Tiffy, wasn’t around either because she wasn’t able to train too.

Even though this was the case, I finished the race and championed over my apprehensions. I’m not sure if this was the correct time, but the clock said I clocked in 01:50:08 (I hope that was the right clock I looked at - because there were 3 clocks there). Either way, though I lagged a bit from my previous run, I was happy and I thank God I was able to make it! :)

Oh I saw Pastor Dennis and the rest of the Victory Greenhills contingent. I’m so happy to see them running the healthy race, and most of all, running for God.

Victory Greenhills represent!
Photo from Lawrence Uy


It’s the last week for this semester - last stretch until our well deserved semestral break. PUSH PUSH. We can all do this! I have these to worry about in the week to come:

  • Stat 101 4th Exam
  • Stat 101 Finals
  • PA 113 Case Study Paper
  • PA 141 Finals
  • PA 141 Policy Analysis Paper Report
  • PA 161 Finals

Camarines Sur and Caramoan’s really near yet so far. Anyway, after that, I get to train on a more regular basis. Yey! Why don’t you join us in the next run? :)

Look at the lowest right portion, do you see my name?
-Photo from The Bull Runner-

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