Last Sunday, Eric and I were headed south to Enchanted Kingdom (my next post) for a media event. Because we were early (a usual habit I, at least for me, practice is to arrive really early) we decided to side-trip to Legaspi Sunday Market.


Since I haven’t had breakfast, I did some food-hunting. I ended up eating at Casa Goñi Spanish Cuisine. (sorry for the lack of better photo) I ordered the Paella de Pollo or the Chicken Paella, and it sure was yummy and filling.


Casa Goñi Spanish Cusine
Brgy. San Lorenzo Sunday Market
9am-2pm at the Legaspi Carpark
Macille or Loubel @ 517-8776

Right beside the Casa Goñi is Imang Salud, one of Pampanga’s best melt-in-your-mouth Ensaimada. I had a taste of their Plantanilla, and all I can say is that this sweet coconun dessert is truly to die for.

Another interesting and yummy dessert treat is the Med.Chef stall. If we weren’t going to an event, I would’ve bought these delectable cakes and pies.


After all these hustle and bustle of academic life, I vow to return and be merry and filled (I mean fulfilled). :)

7 Responses to “Legaspi Sunday Market Food Finds!”

  1. Looked really yummy, glad you enjoyed it, I also have a habit of arriving really early to places.

  2. It’s been so long since I last visited Legaspi Weekend Market. I want to go back there!!!

  3. victor5: it’s super! hehe it’s just polite right? :P

    fairlady-z: you have to go and visit soon! :D

  4. Pie!

  5. Yeah~ Paella~~ Yummy!

  6. iheartbadtz: i know!! :D yummy

  7. hummm saw blueberry right there! love it!

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