Adarna Food & Culture is on its 8th month of operation in Kalayaan Avenue. On the outside, one would be really intrigued if you pass by the restaurant. At first, you wouldn’t really think that it’s a restaurant. You get intimidated by it because you think it’s a catering service for weddings (kind of) or a modern food service, or something to that effect; but once you go in, you would be amazed on how decorated, colorful, and homey the place is.


Interior of the place. Spacious, with comfortable old fashioned chairs from Old Manila family setting. You would feel you entered Noli or Fili, and is one of the famous characters in the book.


While Delaney, Karen, Tracey and I were waiting for our food, we jokingly talked about speaking in straight Tagalog or Filipino. The place seems like its calling you to do so, with matching character portrayal. Oh, they gave us Sweet and Spicy Dilis on the house for appetizer :)


Batanes Yellow Rice Family Size (Php 130) - From up north, a rice dish that is so simple it is elegant. Turmeric, garlic and a bit of pork flavors the rice for a special treat.


Adobong Batangas Ala Adarna (Php 176) - The base recipe of the dish was shared by the granddaughter of an architect whose family is prominent in Batangas.


Felicidad (Php 120) - A luxurious drink made from eggs, cream, milk with a splash of rhum and vanilla. Nice with a naughty streak. An unauthorized deviation from a secret originally wholesome family recipe.

All I can say is that this drink is to die for! The trip was worth it just because of this single drink. Well that might be over-reacting, but your Adarna food trip wouldn’t be complete (aside from the scenery/ old Manila culture preserved here) without trying this.


Pasta Alegre (Php 266.05) - A veggie and nut pasta tossed in olive oil, spices, and a local vinaigrette adds a suitable Pinoy kick to this Adarna original. Grilled squid complements this all-day goodie.

The dish is a mix of sweet and salty flavors which I liked because it’s something that will surprise you (something good).


Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Pepper Kesong Puti Boursin, Bacon and Mango Salsaa (Php 314) - Smoky, juicy chicken breast grilled with bacon and stuffed with pepper kesong puti boursin and mango salsa. New flavors played out in good ol’ Pinoy taste.

The chicken was overcooked, but this dish has the potential.


Seafood Special (Php 471) - A true-blue Manila family shares an Iberian style seafood dish of shrimps, scallops and fish in a flavorful tomato-olive oil sauce topped with bell pepper, fried onions and parsley.

I think that this dish is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just good.


After our meal, I toured around the place, looking at the old stuff from the not-so-distant-past of the Philippines, particularly Manila. They have really old radyo (radio) and telepono (telephone) that are still working. Meanwhile, the waiter told us that we can use the piano - and so Karen played us something.


Adarna Food & Culture
119 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone: +632-926-8712
Mobile: +63917-961-8113

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