Classes will be over and done with in less than a week. CRS has already updated its site and opened the enlistment of 2nd Semester classes. So far I’ll be taking 5 majors and a GE subject (English 1 or 10 - depending on how generous CRS will be to me).I’ll have my Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays off, and will have 5:30-8:30pm classes on Thursdays and Fridays. What a life.

It’s super nearing sem break, and I really really really want to go on vacation NOW! But we all have to keep ourselves in check, back to reality, and face all the remaining stuff we have to finish. I believe I did this last year, and now I’ll be doing it again:

  • Eng 30 Last Activity/Paper
  • Eng 30 Final Output
  • PA 141 Policy Analysis Paper
  • PA 141 Generics Act Report
  • PA 141 Finals
  • Pa 161 Debate
  • PA 161 SLO Diary
  • PA 161 (optional) Finals
  • Psych 108 Newsletter
  • Stat 101 (take home) 4th Exam
  • Stat 101 Finals
  • PA 113 Activities
  • PA 113 (not yet sure) Finals/ Activity

After all of these, here we go Cam Sur!

Manong Pepe’s, a subsidiary of Jollibee Foods Corporation, is nearing it’s anniversary now. And lot of branches have opened across Metro Manila. I was particularly surprised to see this branch in Ortigas, right in front of the Philippine Stock Exchange Building.

I ate breakfast there some weeks ago, before heading to Clark Pampanga for the event. I ordered the Beef Tapa with rice and egg (Php 54.00) from the breakfast menu and a Sago’t Gulaman drink (Php 17.00).

It wasn’t that wow-great. The tapa’s overcooked, but for what it’s worth, I say that it’s something that would make your hunger go away? (hehe) The Sago’t Gulaman’s yummy though :)

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