Today’s 中秋節, the Mid-Autumn Festival or more commonly known as the Mooncake festival to younger generations of Chinese descent. This is the time of the year when the Filipino-Chinese community are busy celebrating the festival by playing the famed dice-game.

Back in my younger/grade school days, we always play the dice game in school. But as we grew older, we didn’t get to play it anymore, but instead, we had alternative activities, such as painting contest, and other related contests and activities to celebrate the occasion.

Now that we’re already in college, in the UP Chinese Student Association,  this time of the year signals our annual event of Mooncake Dice game for both Filipinos and other interested people  and Chinese students to play the popular dice game and enjoy the culture.

Today, my Gua Ma came down from Dagupan to be with us in Manila. She brought us some Mooncake too. I love this time of the year because the supply of Mooncakes overflow — I just love to eat 月餅!

I was intrigued by this appetizing treat when I first saw it in Glorietta 4 food court. But because of some reason I have  already forgotten, I wasn’t able to buy and taste Funnel Cake Factory.

But some Sunday back, we saw this in Unimart, Greenhills. It’s a recent addition to the food stalls right before you enter the strip of stores from Unimart going to the V-Mall. I knew that that was the right time to convinced my parents to buy and taste this at long last.

We got the Caramel Almond and the Nutty Chocolate. Caramel Almond stands out, and is a winner — though I would love a scoop of my favorite vanilla ice cream melt on top of it. Yumm :)

Wanted: Founders for Hello Kitty Online!

After months of going over player comments and suggestions, and working hard to deliver an even better game to all our supporters, it’s time for the big news. The wait has been long, but we’ve toiled to make sure it’s all worth it! So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the next phase — The Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta!

Founders’ Beta

October 8, 2008 is the big day, and the this next stage will allow a limited number of users to play Hello Kitty Online ahead as Founders ahead of launch, while earning benefits and participating in special in-game events.

And now, here’s how you can be one of the Founders of the official Hello Kitty Online launch!

1. Sign up for an account at,
2. Using the SanrioTown account, send a BLANK email to

Remember, you need a SanrioTown account in order to qualify to be a Founder, and the email account you use will be the one we grant access to for the Founders’ Beta. Also, questions, comments and suggestions should be sent to

What’s to look forward to? The new version of HKO will feature an improved interface, new monsters, new maps, new items, and the opening of London and Paris.  The Founders’ Beta will also introduce gameplay changes such as an improved skill system, pet systems and team-play oriented enhancements.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out, because we’ll only be allowing a limited number into this stage! More details to come in the following days, so stay tuned!

Trinoma Paints the Town

Blue and Green!

From Home and Wellness, Restaurants, Games and Gadgets, to Fashion, it’s all here! You can just print this coupon and present it to the different partnering establishments to avail of the promos:

This will run through from September 06 to October 06, 2008. Freebies and Discounts are not convertible to cash. You want the full listing of the stores and restaurants included in this WOWOWEEE sale/promo? Here’s the list!

But wait, there’s a lot more!


BPI Card September 11-14 Sale!

Up to 65% OFF on these international brands.

Aerosoles * Anne Klein * Anne Klein Watches * Bass * Beauty Bar * Beka * Calvin Klein Jeans * Calvin Klein Underwear * Charriol * Citre Shine * Conair * Debenhams * Denman * Dep * Designer Fragrances * DKNY Jeans * Ecco * Fruits and Passion * Gap * Hawaiian Tropic * Jack Nicklaus * Kenneth Cole * Lacoste * Liz Claiborne * Marks & Spencer * Max Factor * Mexx * Nine West * Oka B * Polo Ralph Lauren * Princess * Rowenta * Springfield * Tefal * Zero Frizz


Can we use the eGCs from Ayala? o.o I really hope we can!

Have you tried the yummy Chicken Mango Wrap at Starbucks?

Last Sunday, after the Nike 10K Human Race, I finally got the chance to do so. Now I know why Achi Fran really loves this “chicken with green curry and mango sweetness combined in a wrap that will surely give you a surprise” concoction. :3

She suggests that you try it with a frapp drink.
I tried mine with my fave, Caramel Macchiato.

In other news, I would love that you have a bite of our cookie.
Sarap ba?

Avril Lavigne is here in the Philippines for the 2008 “The Best Damn Tour” concert!

I won these lovely Upper A tickets from Titik Pilipino.
They arrived early this morning.

It’s okay for me to go to the concert,
but I opted to give it to Jason and Janelle instead.
I hope they enjoy! :3

So, who’s going later? :3

Achi Michelle, Tiff, and I completed the Nike+ Human Race earlier today which started at McKinley Hill in the Fort. At exactly 6am, the race begun. I was 30 seconds late, but it was all good — I still caught up with them. After a while, Achi Michelle went ahead of us, while Tiff and I, catching up with each others’ pace, stuck together until the end.

From McKinley Hill, we passed along the Army Headquarters, through and around the Heritage Park, and back to McKinley Hill for the finish.

And so, after 1 hour and 22 minutes (according to the logs), I conquered my first ever 10 kilometer run! Woohoo! I’m so happy and proud of myself. The run really gave this certain “high” — runners high or whatever you may want to call it — it was surely pure of awesomeness :)

Right after the race, we synced our Nike+ Sportsband in the available laptops around the finish area. After that, we got our claim numbers for the Nike band. *See Red Nike Band (with metal design on the middle) in the next photo.

One thing that we noticed that this event has a lot of sponsors and freebees — which is very good.

I commend the organizers, Coach Rio, for a very well planned route and executed run! Surely this is one of the races I will remember forever. Until my next run; kitakits!

P.S. Here’s our race-logs from Nike+ Human Race Results — I’m 234/300 (total). For me, it’s not bad; it only poses as a challenge for me to do better in the next races.

*First 2 photos are from and by Achi Michelle

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