Here’s your chance to become a featured artist for a global brand.

Over the last decade, Volcom has provided a platform for aspiring artists to express themselves through the Featured Artist Series line of products. Mark Appleyard, Michael Sieben, Mitchell Froelich, Todd Bratrud and Michael J. Zepeda are only some of the independent artists previously tapped by Volcom.


The chosen Volcom artist is then tasked to design T-shirts and a range of other accessories such as hats, wallets, and belts as well as boardshorts, sweatshirts and woven/knit shirts. The Featured Artist Series line is released in Volcom outlets worldwide.

Following the theme, “Why are you hurting your neighborhood? What’s wrong with you?” Volcom is now inviting local Filipino artists to turn in an original design that answers the question for the chance to be part of Volcom’s Featured Artist Series line.

In line with this, bloggers and media friends were invited to the launch of this project weeks ago and got to try to create their very own Volcom T-shirt design embodying its campaign/theme for the contest in an impromptu contest. The winner was submitted to the contest.

Above: Our Masterpiece: “Cease”;
Below: Happy kids doing finger painting

If you’re an artist and a legit Filipino citizen, be the one to shout out “Why are you hurting your neighborhood? What’s wrong with you?” The best among original submitted graphic shirt designs with this theme will be picked out by Volcom and made into a limited edition shirt. The chosen designer will be featured by Volcom and enjoy the following awesome perks:

  • A cash prize of Php 25,000.00
  • A Php 10,000 shopping spree of Volcom stuff from Aloha Boardsports.
  • Plus, media mileage and bragging rights for holding the title of being a Volcom Featured Artist

You can use any art or graphics medium. Just be sure to submit it in the following formats:

  • -16 ½” width x 23 ½” height JPEG format with 300 dpi
  • Artwork should incorporate the Volcom stone.

Upload your piece to using the registration form found in the site. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry.

Results will be out by the 2nd week of November so start working on your all-original piece now, ’cause you just might be the next Volcom Featured Artist.

For questions and more information, email us at

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