Today’s 中秋節, the Mid-Autumn Festival or more commonly known as the Mooncake festival to younger generations of Chinese descent. This is the time of the year when the Filipino-Chinese community are busy celebrating the festival by playing the famed dice-game.

Back in my younger/grade school days, we always play the dice game in school. But as we grew older, we didn’t get to play it anymore, but instead, we had alternative activities, such as painting contest, and other related contests and activities to celebrate the occasion.

Now that we’re already in college, in the UP Chinese Student Association,  this time of the year signals our annual event of Mooncake Dice game for both Filipinos and other interested people  and Chinese students to play the popular dice game and enjoy the culture.

Today, my Gua Ma came down from Dagupan to be with us in Manila. She brought us some Mooncake too. I love this time of the year because the supply of Mooncakes overflow — I just love to eat 月餅!

4 Responses to “Chinese Mooncake Festival: 中秋節”

  1. I love Mooncake! Lotus Seed with 1 egg is my favorite. Hehe.

  2. oooh i ate that one! :P hehe

  3. hummm looks delicious! but i never saw one…

  4. uhm thank you for your comment, anyway i would like to know you..

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